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trompe l'oeli

2017年04月24日 | 英語の本を読む

村上春樹の短編小説 'All God's Children Can Dance' を読んでいます。
He trod the earth and whirled his arms, each graceful movement calling forth the next in smooth, unbroken links, his body tracing diagrammatic patterns and impromptu variations, with invisible rhythms behind and between rhythms. At each crucial point in his dance, he could survey the complex intertwining of these elements. Animals lurked in the forest like trompe l'oeil figures, some of them horrific beasts he had never seen before.
この "Animals lurked in the forest like trompe l'oeil figures" はどんな意味でしょうか? フランス語の様な "trompe l'oeil" を辞書で調べます。
・Collins Dictionary: a painting, etc. that creates such a strong illusion of reality that the viewer may not at first be sure whether the thing depicted is real or a representation: I'm restoring the trompe l'oeil, making it look like rosewood with a mahogany inlay.
・Cambridge English Dictionary: a painting that is cleverly designed to trick people into thinking that the objects represented in it are really there: He is said to have painted a trompe l'oeil of grapes which was so realistic that birds tried to peck at them.
・Wiktionary: A genre of painting that exploits human vision to create the illusion that the subject of the painting is real.
Etymology: From the French trompe-l’oeil (“trompe l’oeil”, literally “deceives the eye”), from trompe ("deceives") + l' ("the") + oeil ("eye").
Usage Note: This phrase is sometimes misconstructed as trompe l’oeil and trompe-d’oeil, which, literally interpreted in French, means “deceives of eye".

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