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Negotiation jujitsu

2016年11月12日 | 英語の本を読む

さて、相手からイエスを導く交渉法の本 "Getting to YES"(by Roger Fisher and William Ury)を読んでいると "Negotiation jujitsu" という章がありました。"jujitsu" は日本語の柔術を連想させますが、果たして著者はその意味で使っているのでしょうか? 本文を読みます。
As in the Oriental martial arts of judo and jujitsu, avoid pitting your strength against theirs directly; instead, use your skill to step aside and turn their strength to your ends. Rather than resisting their force, channel it into exploring interests, inventing options for mutual gain, and searching for independent standards.
But instead of reacting, Turnbull keeps his temper and brings the negotiation back to the merits. This is a good example of negotiation jujitsu.
まさに柔術の意味で使っていますね。一般の英米人がこの "jujitsu" を知っているのだろうかと疑問に感じながら辞書を見ると、ほとんどの辞書に "jujitsu" の項はあり、次のような説明がありました。
・Oxford English Dictionary: A Japanese system of unarmed combat and physical training.: In the martial art of ju-jitsu, the less powerful uses the strength of the aggressor to immobilize them.
・Collins Dictionary: the traditional Japanese system of unarmed self-defence perfected by the samurai.: He also played football, lifted weights, practiced jujitsu and karate.
・Dictionary.com: the use of an opponent's strengths or one's own weaknesses to accomplish one's goals: That was a kind of intellectual jujitsu, the way she handily won the debate.: The town of Vacaville, in a prime example of touristic jujitsu, turned its isolation into an attraction in itself.

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