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2014年03月24日 | 英語学習
アガサ・クリスティのEvil Under the Sunも終わりに近づきました。その小説から採り上げる最後の単語です。
She could have been killed by her husband--with Miss Darnley's connivance. (They too had both lied as to one point which looked suspicious.) She could have been killed as a result of her having stumbled on the secret of the dope sumggling.
"connivance" は初めて見る気のしない単語ですが、意味が思い浮かんでこないので辞書を見ます。
・Cambridge English Dictionary: the act of conniving, especially by knowing that something bad is happening and allowing it to continue: Their appalling treatment of their child could only have happened with the connivance of their neighbours.
・V2 Vocabulary Building Dictionary: unspoken consent to someone else's wrongdoing; 2. secret plotting Tips: Connivance refers to unspoken encouragement of wrongdoing. To connive is the verb form of connivance and is usually used in the second meaning: "to plot or conspire." Connive is somewhat similar to condone, but to condone is to passively accept something, while to connive is more underhanded and outright devious in encouragement of unlawful behavior. Conniving is the adjective used to describe someone who is plotting or conspiring.
・Vocabulary.com: (law) tacit approval of someone's wrongdoing
If your principal overlooks cheating on standardized tests because it makes his school look better, he is guilty of connivance, or allowing an unethical act to take place.
If your siblings conspire to play a prank on you, you could say they are conniving to trick you. If your mother knew about it, but chose to allow the act to happen, you'd probably be pretty angry at her connivance. Or you could follow the old saying, "Don't get mad, get even!"
"connive" は "condone" よりも悪いニュアンスがあることを覚えておきましょう。