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Japanese affairs

2014年03月06日 | 英語学習
小説に "affair" が出てくると真っ先に男女間の "affair" を思い浮かべるのですが、"Evil Under the Sun" に出てきた次の "affair" は別物です。
They rounded the point of the bay to the west and rowed under the cliffs. Patrick Redfern looked up. "Any one on Sunny Ledge this morning? Yes, there's a sunshade. Who is it, I wonder?"
Emily Brewster said: "It's Miss Darnley, I think. She's got one of those Japanese affairs."
この "Japanese affairs" は "sunshade" あるいはMiss Darnleyが身に付けている何かの物です。 "affair" が物を示すことがあるのか辞書で確認します。
・Collins English Dictionary: (qualified by an adjective or descriptive phrase) something previously specified, esp a man-made object; thing: our house is a tumbledown affair: There is another carved wooden and marble fireplace in the dining room, a grand affair which stretches from the floor to the ceiling. ・Oxford Dictionaries: [with adjective] informal: an object of a particular type: her dress was a black low-cut affair
物を示す "affair" には形容詞が先行するので浮気と勘違いすることはなさそうです。