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What if your child tests positive? There's no need to be alarmed, since a great majority of the cases discovered through¬out middle childhood have either already healed or will in time.
The first step is an X-ray of the lungs to detect active infection or healed scars. All children with a positive tuberculin test, even those with no evidence of active disease, should receive specific anti-TB drugs for at least nine months. During that time, if the disease is inactive, they can live normal lives. The doctor may ask for further X-rays at intervals. Modern drug therapy is generally effective, and without serious side effects.

最初のステップ中の感染を検出するために、肺の x 線または傷を癒した。すべての子供に肯定的なツベルクリン反応検査、であってもアクティブな病気の証拠はない特定の抗結核薬少なくとも 9 ヶ月間を受けるべきです。病気がアクティブである場合その時に、彼らは通常の生活ライブすることができます。医者は間隔でさらに x 線を求めることができます。近代的な薬物療法は、一般的に効果的かつ深刻な副作用なしです。

Generally speaking, if a person has ever had a TB infection, he will react with a positive test result for the rest of his life, even if the infection was healed long ago. Tuberculin skin tests are given periodically throughout childhood in routine examinations in communities where TB frequently occurs. The test is also done if a child isn't doing well or has a chronic cough or if TB is discovered in another member of the household. If a household member grew up or has lived for a time in a part of the world where TB is common — for example, Southeast Asia or Central America — it's wise to have that person and perhaps other family members tested for TB.

人はこれまで結核の感染症を持っている場合は、感染症がずっと前に癒されました場合でも一般的に言えば、彼は彼の人生の残りのための陽性の検査結果と反応します。ツベルクリン皮膚テストは TB が頻繁に発生する場所のコミュニティでのルーチン検査の小児期を通じて定期的に与えられています。テストはまた子供がうまくいっていないか慢性の咳がある場合、または TB に世帯の他のメンバーが発見された場合に行われます。世帯員が育ったまたは時間を TB の一般的な世界の一部に住んでいるかどうか — たとえば、東南アジアや中央アメリカ — 人とおそらく他の家族の TB をテストすることが賢明です。

The tuberculin (PPD) test. A few weeks after tubercle bacilli (the germs that cause TB) have gotten into the body, a person becomes sensitized by actively making antibodies to the bacilli. After that, if tuberculin (material from dead TB germs) is injected into the skin, a raised spot develops. The presence of a raised area of a certain size indicates a positive result. Redness alone does not. A health-care professional should evaluate the test site to determine the significance of the response.

ツベルクリン反応 (PPD) をテストします。数週間後、結核 (TB を引き起こす細菌) が体内に得ている人は、細菌に対する抗体を積極的に行って増感になります。ツベルクリン (素材死んで結核菌から)、皮膚に注射の場合は、その後、上げられたスポットを開発しています。特定のサイズの隆起部の存在は、肯定的な結果を示します。赤みだけではないです。医療専門家は応答の意義を決定するテスト サイトを評価してください。

In addition to the affected child, all other members of the household (and any other adult the child regularly comes in contact with) should be tested to discover, if possible, where the TB bacteria came from and find out if other children in the household have been infected. In many cases, no disease is found in any adult in the household, and it has to be assumed that the child picked up the germs from a source outside the home. In other cases, an active case of TB is found in an adult in the house. It's lucky for the person to have the disease discovered at an early stage and lucky for the rest of the family to have the danger removed. No person with active TB should stay in a house with children. He should go elsewhere for drug therapy until the doctor says there is no chance of contagion.

影響を受ける子供に加えては、世帯の他のすべてのメンバー (と子供が定期的に接触しています他の大人) 可能であれば、TB の細菌がどこから来たのかを発見し、家庭で他の子供たちが感染しているかどうかを見つけるテスト必要があります。多くの場合、すべての大人、家庭での病は見つからず、それ子供は家の外のソースからの細菌をピックアップを仮定する必要があります。他の場合、アクティブ ケース TB の大人の家で発見されます。病気の早期発見がある人のために幸運であり、削除危険を持っている家族の残りの部分のために幸運。アクティブ TB を持つ人は家に子供と滞在する必要がありますないです。医者は伝染のチャンスはありません言うまで彼は他の場所で薬物療法の行く必要があります。

This rare but serious condition can cause permanent damage to the brain and other organs. It can also be fatal. Its cause is not completely understood, but it usually occurs during a viral illness. It is now known that children and adolescents who take aspirin when they have a viral illness, especially influenza or chicken pox, are much more likely to get Reye's syndrome than those who are given acetaminophen or other nonaspirin medicines.

このまれでしかし深刻なの原因は、脳や他の臓器に永久的な損傷することができます。また、致命的なことができます。その原因は完全に理解されていない、しかしそれは通常ウイルス性の病気の間に発生します。子供と青少年は特にインフルエンザまたは鶏痘ウイルスの病気を持っているときはアスピリンを取るアセトアミノフェンや他の nonaspirin の薬を与えられている人よりもライ症候群を得るために大いに本当らしいであることを今知られています。

JOINTS AND BONES Joint pains and growing pains. Children often complain of vague pains in their legs and arms for which no reason is found. A child between the ages of two and five may wake up crying complaining of pain in his thigh, knee, or calf. This happens only during the evening and may recur every night for weeks on end. Some people believe this pain is caused by muscle cramps or by the aching of the rapidly growing bones.

関節の痛みや痛みを成長。子供は、しばしばその理由が発見されて腕や脚の漠然とした痛みの不平を言いません。5 と 2 つの年齢のお子様彼の腿、膝、または子牛の痛みの不平を言って泣いて目を覚ますことがあります。これは夕方の間に起こる、すべての夜の最後の週に再発する可能性があります。何人かの人々 は、この痛みは、筋肉のけいれんによってまたは急速に成長の骨の痛みによって引き起こされると考えています。

Generally, if the pains move from place to place, there is no swelling, redness, local tenderness, or limp, and the child is otherwise entirely well, it is unlikely that there is serious illness. If the pain is always in the same spot on the same limb or if other symptoms are present, the problem should be brought to medical attention.


Pain just below the kneecap, especially in a growing adolescents, is often caused by strain on the ligament where it connects to the top of the shinbone, a condition called Osgood-Schlatter's disease. Hip pain always needs to be checked, since the hip joint is vulnerable to injury. Any joint pain with fever needs to be evaluated immediately because of the risk of joint infection. Limping that cannot be explained by a recent fall or other injury also needs to be seen promptly, since it may be a sign of serious illness.
Fractures and disolocations are discussed on page 784.

成長思春期、特にで、膝蓋骨のすぐ下の痛みは、しばしば脛骨、オスグッド ‐ シュラッター病と呼ばれる条件の先頭につないで靱帯ひずみによって引き起こされます。股関節の痛みは、常に股関節損傷に傷つきやすいですので、チェックする必要があります。任意の発熱と関節痛関節感染の危険があるためすぐに評価する必要があります。最近の落下によって説明できないがあぶないまたは他の傷害はまた深刻な病気の徴候である可能性がありますので、速やかに見られる必要があります。

Rheumatic fever. Following infection by the streptococcus bacteria (usually strep throat), the body produces antibodies to fight off the infection. Rheumatic fever develops when these antibodies also attack some of the person's internal organs. The disease can affect the joints, the heart, the skin, and other parts of the body.
When not treated promptly and adequately, an attack may last for weeks, even months. Moreover, this disease tends to recur repeatedly through childhood whenever the child has strep throat.

リウマチ熱。連鎖球菌の細菌 (通常咽頭) による感染に続いて、体が感染を戦うために抗体を生成します。リウマチ熱は、これらの抗体はまたいくつかの人の臓器を攻撃するときに開発します。病気は、心臓、皮膚、関節、体の他の部分に影響します。

Sometimes rheumatic fever takes an acute form with high fever. Or it may smolder for weeks with only a little fever. If the person has severe arthritis, it travels from joint to joint, causing the affected areas to become swollen, red, and exquisitely tender. Where the arthritis is mild, there will be an ache now and then in one joint or other. If the heart is severely affected, the child will be visibly weak, pale, and breathless. It is sometimes discovered that the heart was damaged by a past attack so mild it was not noticed. Occasionally, there are even psychiatric symptoms or movement disorders associated with the strep infection.

時々 リウマチ熱の高い発熱を伴う急性フォームをかかります。または、それは少し発熱のみで週間くすぶらせる可能性があります。人が重度の関節炎がある場合は、腫れ、赤、絶妙入札になる影響を受ける地域の原因の関節を移動します。関節炎は軽度である場合がある今して 1 つの痛み関節またはその他。心が影響深刻な場合は、子が目に見えて、弱い薄いと息になります。中心それは気付いていない、過去攻撃によってとても穏やかが破損したことを時々 発見しました。時折、さらに精神症状や連鎖球菌の感染に伴う運動障害です。


In other words, rheumatic fever is an exceedingly variable disease. Naturally, you should consult your doctor or nurse practitioner if your child develops any of the symptoms in a severe form. It's just as important to examine a child with vague symptoms, like paleness, tiredness, slight fever, mild joint pains, or an unexplained rash.


Several drugs are effective in clearing up streptococcal infection in the throat and hastening the end of the rheumatic inflammation of the joints or the heart. Children who have had one attack of rheumatic fever can usually avoid further attacks and heart damage. To do so, they must take antibiotics by mouth or injection to prevent new streptococcal infections right into adulthood. Rheumatic fever can be prevented if strep throats are treated within seven days of onset.

いくつかの薬は、喉の連鎖球菌感染症をクリアし、リウマチの炎症、関節や心臓の末に効果的です。リウマチ熱の攻撃の 1 つを持っていた子供たちは、通常攻撃と心臓の損傷さらに回避できます。これを行うには、口や注射で大人の右に新しいレンサ球菌感染を防ぐために抗生物質を服用する必要があります。連鎖球菌喉の発症後 7 日以内に扱われる場合、リウマチ熱を予防できます。

Scoliosis.This is a curvature of the spine that appears usually between the ages of ten and fifteen. It is a problem of growth rather than posture. Schools in many states screen for this condition. Approximately one child in twenty-five has a detectable curvature of the spine. It's twice as common in girls as in boys and it runs in families. The cause is unknown. Any curvature warrants an evaluation by a physician. Many cases can simply be watched, never requiring intervention.
The treatments for scoliosis —bracing and surgery — are complex, expensive, and controversial. If treatment is recommended for your child, you or your child's doctor should get in touch with the Scoliosis Research Society of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons for their current recommendations (at www.aaos.org or

747 823-7186).
側弯症。これは、通常 10 歳と 15 歳の間に表示される背骨の湾曲です。それの姿勢ではなく、成長の問題です。この条件のための多くの状態] 画面で学校です。一子約 25 の脊椎の曲率が検出可能ながあります。それは 2 回の女の子の男の子のように一般的では、家族で実行します。原因は不明です。任意の曲率は、医師による評価を保証します。多くの場合は、単に決して介入を必要と見ることができます。
側弯症に対する治療法 — ブレースと手術 — 複雑な高価なと論争のです。あなたの子供のための治療が推奨される場合、またはあなたの子供の医者側弯症研究会の現在の勧告 (www.aaos.org または 823-7186 747) での整形外科のアメリカ アカデミーの連絡を取る必要があります。

HEART MURMURS A heart murmur is simply a sound made by blood as it is pumped through the heart. Although the term heart murmur has an alarming sound to parents, it's important to realize that a great majority of heart murmurs don't point to anything serious. Generally speaking, there are three kinds: functional (or innocent), congenital, and acquired. Children with either congenital or acquired heart disease should receive antibiotic therapy before having dental work or before surgery to prevent germs from lodging in the heart.
A functional or innocent murmur is simply the sound made by a perfectly normal heart. These innocent murmurs are very common in early childhood, tending to fade out as the child reaches adolescence. Your child's doctor will tell you about an innocent murmur so that if it is discovered later by another doctor, you'll know that it has been there all along.

心雑音は単にそれを介して心臓ポンプでくまれる血によってしたサウンドです。用語の心雑音を両親に警告音がありますが、大多数の心雑音指さないこと何か深刻なを実現することが重要です。一般的に言えば、3 つの種類があります: 機能 (または罪)、先天性および後天。心疾患のいずれかの先天性または後天抗生物質治療は、歯科の仕事を持つ前に、または宿泊中心から細菌を防ぐ術前に、が表示されます。

A murmur caused by congenital heart disease is usually discovered at birth or within a few months (though occasionally not till several years later). Such a murmur is usually not caused by inflammation but by the heart having been improperly formed in the first place. The important thing is not so much the murmur itself but whether the malformation interferes with the efficiency of the heart. If it does, the baby may have blue spells, breathe too hard, or grow too slowly. A baby or child with a congenital heart murmur needs careful examination by specialists. Many of these malformations can now be repaired by surgery.

先天性心臓病による雑音通常出生時または数ヶ月内 (ない時折まで数年が後で) 発見します。そのような雑音には通常、炎症が最初の場所で不適切に形成された心の原因はないです。重要なはあまりない、雑音自体が、奇形が心の効率で干渉するかどうかです。場合は、赤ちゃんは青い呪文があるあまりにもハード呼吸や、あまりにもゆっくりと成長可能性があります。赤ちゃんや子供の先天性心雑音と専門家によって慎重に審査が必要です。これらの奇形の多くは今手術で修復できます。

If a child with a congenital murmur can exercise without turning blue and becoming abnormally out of breath, and if she grows at the normal rate, it is important for her emotional development that she not be thought of or treated as an invalid. She does need to avoid infections, especially influenza, for which she should be given a vaccine every year.


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