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Reliable mosquito repellent methods

2017-08-10 14:01:19 | mosquito coils
1. The best protection against mosquitoes

Practical tools: screen window, mosquito net, mosquito clap, light-colored long-sleeved trousers (pure cotton, spongy fabrics, etc.), which do not make the baby feel hot), baby mosquito net.

Practical tips: use the tools mentioned above; In addition, ensure home cleanliness and hygiene, and clean up the dead corner; Avoid the mosquito season, such as morning and evening. Avoid areas where mosquitoes are dense, such as lawns, flowerbeds, pools, etc.

Well,use the best mosquito repellent is helpful to protect your family health.

2. Use safe mosquito repellent products

Most mosquito repellent products on the market currently contain deet. Deet is a component of pesticide and has certain toxicity.

But “to avoid dose-talk toxicity is to play hooligans”, we can objectively understand the concept of “whether the mosquito is harmful to the baby” from the following angles.

The U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) proposed that infants less than two months old should not use products containing deet.
In other words, if your baby is less than 2 months old, use the physical repellent method. The hateful mosquitoes can’t make it, but we can hide it!

The higher the amount of deet, the higher the amount of deet, does not mean that the effect of mosquito repellent is stronger, but it is related to the length of mosquito repellent. In general, the mosquito repellent containing 23.8 % of deet is effective for 5 hours.
Therefore, when choosing mosquito repellent products, the mother can choose the products with low levels of mosquito repellent, which can be used for many times to achieve the purpose of effective mosquito repellent.

It is recommended to use the repellent products only when the baby is out, and wash them with hand sanitizer as soon as possible.
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