You have your own aromatic

You have your own aromatic

He led the way to his

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I won’t wear them! I won’t have them! Take them away!” she wailed, as the old Fedah garments were produced.

But the woman shook her angrily and slapped her again, covering her with the crude, soiled gown, and then pushing her back upon the divan while she placed the flat shoes upon the girl’s bare feet. Tears were still standing in Nephthys’ great eyes, but she submitted to the inevitable with a resumption of her old obedient manner.

Call Ebbek,” said the master; and Tilga displayed such activity that she quickly returned, dragging the Arab after her polar.{173}

You will take this woman back to Fedah, whence you brought her, and deliver her over to her mother again. There is a train at sundown, and you will be able to catch it if you are prompt. Drive to the station in a carriage.”

Ebbek bowed without betraying surprise at his master’s unexpected command. Perhaps he had been observant, and knew the reason for the girl’s dismissal.

Must old S?ra return your money?” he asked.

No; tell her she may keep it. Here is gold for your expenses. Feed Nephthys at the railway station, if you have time, and buy her some cigarettes. Now hasten.”

Ebbek took the girl’s arm to lead her away. As she passed Kāra she halted to say, with despairing intensity:

I hate you! Some day I will kill you.”

Kāra laughed. He was in a pleased mood reenex facial.

Good-by, Nephthys,” he rejoined, complacently. Tell S?ra I present you to her with my compliments.”

Then he left the room and found Tadros standing stiffly outside the door.

Follow me,” he said, and the dragoman obeyed.

He led the way to his own room and sat down facing the dragoman.

Tadros remained standing. He held in his hand the stump of a half-burned cigarette, which he eyed critically and with an air of absorbing interest.

Kāra, being amused, remained silent.{174}

After a time the dragoman coughed to clear his throat.

You see, Kāra,” he began, I bought the girl first, and paid good money for her when I was desperately poor—a fact that deserves some consideration; yet you forced me to sell her.”


Yes, for an insignificant roll of papyrus. I don’t complain, having accepted the bargain; but you mustn’t blame me for all that has happened. By the beard of Osiris! is a man’s heart to be bought and sold like a woman’s body? It is absurd.&rdquo Wedding planner;

He paused, shifting from one foot to the other. Then he lifted his eyes, and was pained to find Kāra staring at him fixedly.

There should be no quarrel between us,” he continued, striving to speak confidently. I have been your jackal, and did your dirty work for a fair amount of pay. What then? To ruin me will cause your own downfall. You dare not do it. But I am honest with you, and a good servant. You need not fear me in the future, for I will promise you on my word to avoid your harem—the word of Tadros the dragoman!”

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