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The diamond ring is probably one of the few items that people can buy in their lifetime

2017-06-15 01:00:49 | 日記
A lifetime only to send one of the diamond ring, witnessed the love of the most solemn wedding, but also accompanied by people who spent a lifetime of time. Diamond ring is the eternal witness Cartier love bracelet replica of love, 2017 love to bloom, how to choose the diamond ring is easy and efficient? Follow Xiaobian to see it!
Look at the mark, identify true and false

Many consumers in the purchase of diamond ring, worried about buying a false diamond ring, in particular, some unscrupulous businessmen with precious metals posing as precious metals. So before the purchase of diamond ring to master some of the skills to identify the true and false diamond ring is very necessary, especially to see the mark to distinguish true and false is very easy to learn. Different materials of the diamond ring will have a different mark, for example, known as “love heavy metal” platinum, is very rare and precious, some businesses often platinum posing as platinum. So when buying platinum diamond ring, to find the platinum ring inside the “pt” mark; buy platinum diamond ring, to find “wg” mark; buy gold diamond ring, to find “au” mark.
See the brand, the quality of the guarantee

Look at the brand to buy diamond ring is very important, first of all well-known brands have to ensure quality, and they have a skilled designer and production division, so to ensure that the diamond ring aesthetic and professional, especially the brand diamond ring, There are grades, more real to give the wearer to the beautiful temperament. And the brand diamond ring after its perfect after-sales service, diamond ring post-care worry. Diamond ring often wear will certainly inevitably wear a flower, so whether the late professional maintenance is very important.

See love, romantic love

Diamond ring meaning good love, so that people can really love life never abandon, regardless of the future is a twists Cartier love ring replica and turns or smooth in the guidance of love can be a lifetime of happiness and well-being. Diamond ring, life only send one person, let love shine beautiful light.
Shop three, own excellent products

When we go shopping, will choose to visit several shops, because it is a lot of choice, after making a comparison, it is easy to find their most want to diamond ring. Shop around, can find the most suitable for their own diamond ring.

In many of the diamond ring brand to find their own diamond ring is not easy. How to choose the diamond ring, the life of only one person to wear a diamond ring wearing a finger on the need to really pay, also need time accumulation. Reasonable grasp of the method of buying diamond ring, both to save energy, but also to find the most love of the heart of the diamond ring.
How to measure the size of the ring, under normal circumstances, the ring to wear in the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, these habits are different. The average girl wearing the ring size is probably between 10-16, of which 11,12,13 size of the largest, boys wear the size of 17 to 22, of which 19,20 more, of course, due to the season and climate The size of the ring will be some minor adjustments, today Xiaobian to provide you with a ring size table and measure the size of the ring need to pay attention to the problem.
The measurement of the size of the ring and the standard

First cut a 10 cm long paper; and then put a small note in the ring to wear their own ring around the circle; in the paper to match the place to do a mark, control the following table can be the size of the corresponding size, For example, the corresponding diameter of 10 corresponds to 16.1mm, the circumference is 50.5, and the diameter and circumference from 11 to 20 are (15.6, 52), respectively, (18.5,58) (18.5,58) (18.8,59 (19.4,61) You can find the corresponding size (16.0, 53.5) (17.7,55.5) (18.0,56.5) (18.2,57) (18.3,57.5) Do the appropriate reference Oh!

Season and climate affect the size of the ring

This is a small problem that requires a particularly important reason, because it will affect the beautiful size of the ring when wearing the problem, I believe there are many people who bought the ring encountered such a problem, for example, you bought a hot summer Diamond ring, wear Cartier nail bracelet replica it just right, and with their own hands with a very good coordination, but in the winter when the ring suddenly become loose, easy to fall off, many people will mistakenly believe that this is because of long-term wear and Of the loose, but in fact this is because the “hot expansion and contraction” principle, the summer when the weather is hot, the fingers will become a little thick, so that summer wear just the right ring, to the winter will be significantly larger. Therefore, we have to pay special attention to the purchase of the ring is the details, so as not to affect the effect of wearing.

Self-measurement can not guarantee accuracy

With the changes in consumption patterns, the ring is not limited to the physical store to buy the model, that is, Levis, you only need to browse to the site, according to their own standards and preferences to customize the diamond ring, you can buy their favorite Of the diamond ring, but a new problem will be generated, and that is the size of the problem, usually for the convenience of the map, we will be based on online tutorials, their measurements at home size, usually there will be some small errors, so when You can not accurately measure the size, Xiaobian or suggest you go to the counter to the professional measurement, so as to avoid some small details and affect the effect of wearing.

The above is the ring size table, and the need to pay attention to the size of the need to pay attention to the ring, so as to allow you to buy more satisfied with a ring, although the ring is small, but the selection of a ring for their own, but also need more More careful and patient
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