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her recent purchase frequency is Cartier love bracelet replica much higher than in the past

2017-08-10 14:39:17 | 日記
This year's jewelry and colorful as this summer, the more colorful the more rich, the more we like. Style even exaggerated some also have a lot of people agree. In the jewelry store, all kinds of gold jewelry sold special fire. Like rose gold, purple gold and other K gold, color changing, more lively. Lottery to build up more convenient, so diverse shapes. This summer, in addition to the traditional flowers, line shape, but also adds a lot of publicity style, such as gold woven into a small ball, radiant laser beads, like a lot of people. And how the streets can not withstand the impact of Korean jewelry. A Korean jewelry shop owner told reporters that a variety of color pearl bracelet, flower rings, often on a shelves to be bought, her recent purchase frequency is Cartier love bracelet replica much higher than in the past. This year is still very popular with letters or brand patterns to do decorative Oh. Some bracelets, the chain is very common, but the top hangs a bunch of various colors of letters or patterns, the young and lively look about jumping out. Young girls love this year is decorated with a bow or a small rabbit ring, a hand, lively and innocent personality exposed. Pearl bracelet and this year's popular pearl waist chain just match. Of course, they are not real pearls, but the simulation of the pearl color and gloss, elegant subtle. Color on the yellow, light blue, pink, black and gray, and some also joined the ribbon to play the bow, adding a little girl romance. This year's gold jewelry, style is more exaggerated and fashion than last year. Jewelry shop clerk said that this year the European version of the style by more and more consumers love, sell particularly well. Those models are usually unique style of publicity, mainly to irregular patterns, lines or smooth or twists and turns, showing a distinctive taste. In color, the past, mostly gold-colored jewelry to gold-based monochrome. This year, a single product is often used with white, yellow, red with three colors, the color is more rich and beautiful. In the reporter visited several jewelry store, K platinum, K gold and rose gold with three kinds of gold pendants or rings very much. Or three-color ring connected, or three-color chain-phase wrapped, brilliant colors make this summer full of life. This year's gold jewelry also has a lot of diamond-studded. Past gold seems to always not high enough, however, in the mosaic of pure, dazzling diamond ornaments, the prize money is also noble up. In fact, the gold prize is also more suitable for the hardness of diamond inlay, platinum than to be solid. Sometimes, a prize made of pendants, ordinary blade shape, the above is covered with pieces of diamond, all of a sudden became a choice with evening dress, gorgeous style is self-evident. Do you remember me walking by the sea? The Replica Cartier love bracelet waves for our love to play beautiful music, starfish for our happiness dancing. Spring color, because love and bright, but also because of exquisite jewelry and radiating a bright luster. Woman's nature is a full possession of mad, to love, but also jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry --- the same classic Many people have a special love of silver, I am no exception. Like it elegant posture, like it does not change the classic. Faded thick winter clothes, silver and summer coincidentally onto the summer stage. Simple white shirt, jeans coupled with exquisite silver pendant will definitely make you more out of this summer. In some "silver jewelry" shop, there are all kinds of sections of silver jewelry waiting for you. Zodiac necklace pendant in this year seems particularly popular, there is a single lovely cartoon shape there, but also the shape of the zodiac mosaic in the center of the pendant, like a "time to run," the necklace pendant, both refined and dignified , Can definitely be your first choice. In addition, there are "hot series" of sterling silver pendants, accompanied by slender silver necklace, do not have a flavor. There are sections of Malay jade, 925 sterling silver earrings, earrings, are fine from the subtle see. In the store, the most conspicuous than several women's silver watch, petite style with sterling silver bracelet, in the light of the map with the Meilunmeihuan to describe is never an exaggeration. For both beauty and environmental protection of the crush, zirconium diamond bracelet can not miss. Zirconium diamond mining and diamonds is no different, we can see it's valuable, but the most important thing is zirconium drilling without radiation, the human body is absolutely harmless. And even if long-term wear will not fade. Amber and silver with the classic can also be called, in the "silver jewelry" shop, a special amber area for you to choose: rings, bracelets, pendants, and the price is also in more than 100 yuan. Of course, the jewelry store is not just a woman of the world, but also for men and prepared jewelry, especially several men bracelet, quite eye-catching, suitable for different personalities and taste of the men selected. In this fashion Cartier love ring replica season, sterling silver jewelry broke through the body parts of the fixed meaning, and become a highlight of the individual identity. For their own purchase of a silver bar, in this splendid season. Small accessories --- cute lovely woman choice Focus on quality of life of women is definitely not ignore the details of life. Hair clips, cell phone chain, key ring, make-up mirror ... ... all the details of life will be taken care of properly and refined. Into the people on the road a few small jewelry store, slowly stroll, carefully picked, perhaps Amoy will be the favorite small accessories to meet your perfect details of life requirements. Placed in the display window of the jewelry box is particularly conspicuous, metal build inlaid with bright beads, it is very chic. Take a closer look at the workmanship is also quite particular about. And each has a different shape: flower type, heart type, tripod type ... ... so unique jewelry box can not only be used to place jewelry, it is a handicraft. Mobile phone accessories has always been a lot of crush by the keen, in the "sand La La", there are several mobile phone pendant worth recommending. Lion, tiger, mango and other simulated animal pendant is small but very realistic, and feel and workmanship is also very good; Winnie the Pooh, Pooh pigs and "Finding Nemo" Rimnimo pendant has been a best-selling jewelry. Some cell phone sensors are ingenious, there are luminous, but also voice, coupled with the lovely voice of the "phone!" I believe you will add a lot of color to the phone. If you want to point the alternative, then pick a "mischief" of it, the two "wicked" or a "skeleton", good "fear" yo! Know how to live a woman, handbag, and ultimately a makeup mirror. Fruit mirror, QQ mirror, star mirror, Maple Leaf mirror, I believe there is always a right for you. In the small jewelry store, the production of several fine metal keychain is also quite attractive, whether it is giving away or leave their own is a good choice. In addition, the enthusiastic staff will also recommend to you recently sold very fragrant aroma candlestick, into the fine smell, really there is a hint of incense, and these candle holders are smoke-free environmentally friendly fuel. If you then hit the power outage, then, do not have to upset, point a furnace incense Candlestick as leisurely as possible. Hair accessories --- let you "love is not decorated hand" There is a jewelry store, operating among the many varieties, hair ornaments be one of the characteristics here. Here the clerk ingenuity, as long as you pick in a hair ornaments, they will be able to set up a satisfactory hairstyle for you. Whether hair comb, side clip, or hair fork, hairpin, where the hair ornaments variety is quite many. Different hair accessories can be Cartier love ring replica combined into different hairstyles, and each hairstyle also has a beautiful name. "Flying Flying", "Woman Flower", "Mei Yan Chrysanthemum" is the name of all kinds of plate hair. Of course, more often, the clerk is based on the needs of customers to design hair, so it will create a lot of new styles. But in general, the design here are relatively close to the daily life of hair, for many office workers loved. For a hairstyle may change a mood, for a hair comb may make you feel more good. So that hair ornaments hair, but also decorate your mood, let your hair shine in this season.
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