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How to assess the value of jade

2017-06-02 00:09:06 | 日記
How to assess the value of jade
With the rising jade market in recent years, people want to increase the purchase of Cartier love bracelet replica jade, then buy jade when the value of how to assess it? We all know that color is the most intuitive of the gem, the most easy to identify a nature, usually also its value, jade is no exception.
How to assess the value of jade

With the rising jade market in recent years, people want to increase the purchase of jade, then, in the purchase of jade how to assess its value? We all know that color is the most intuitive, most easy to identify the nature of jade, usually its value, jade is no exception, the color is to determine the value of the most important basis.

There are many kinds of emerald colors, the largest number is white, gray, the highest value is green, purple, in addition to red, yellow, brown, blue, black and so on.

1, white emerald in the deposit is often a large area appears. The market has a certain value of white jadeite micro-glass species, ice jade, these white jade although there is no color, but because of fine texture, good head, very popular with people’s favorite.

2, gray is often seen as jade in the dirty, no value, if the gray appears in the valuable emerald, will only reduce the original value.

3, green jade is the highest value in the emerald. Experts buy raw materials often say how much color this piece of material, the color means that in fact is green, the color is high price. Look at the color of the material one or two value of how much money, and then estimate how much color the whole piece of material to determine the value of the whole piece of material, we can see the value of green is the fundamental value of jade. But the green is too rare, in the large white jade, green is just one of the stars, green emerald mostly distributed in the white emerald, experts called “tape”, a large piece of white jade raw materials Can have a thin green belt, this piece of raw materials will be worth a hundred times, and if there can be slightly larger than the fist of a group of green, then buy people may be rich overnight.

Why some of the same place where the emerald is white, some places are green? The original green part of the emerald is due to the coloring elements caused by chromium and iron, colored iron and chromium replaced the colorless aluminum ions, iron ions often show light green, chromium ions will show very bright green, high-grade green are Due to the formation of chromium ions. But too much chromium, jade green will become too strong, looks like black, but the value will be reduced a lot. As the proportion of chromium, iron, jade will show a variety of different green, pure green, but also partial yellow, blue, grayish green, different green value is also different.
4, purple jade is also called violet, experts also called “spring”. Purple also has a lot of tones, common with partial powder and bluish blue. Purple in the emerald often have a larger area of the distribution, like clouds into lumps, sometimes in the purple which will be a pulse of the distribution of green. Usually purple jade value is lower than the green, a good on the purple Cui ring face, kind of fine run, rich color uniform, large particles, the value of about 30 million, while the same quality green ring, the value should be in the hundreds Million yuan.

5, there is a kind of pink jade, very rare, like the emerald mountain “Peach Blossom Spring” is the base of pink emerald.

6, yellow and red emerald are called “Fei”, that is, “Huang Fei”, “Red”. Yellow and red in addition to Yan Yan larger cracks distribution, the general existence of jade in the skin.

7, yellow with yellow, brown, honey yellow, which is the highest value of pure honey yellow, this honey only in the pure colorless glass species, ice jade emerald skin exists, so more rare.

8, red emerald brown red, red, completely without brown tone pure red the highest value Cartier love ring replica. Buy red emerald need to pay attention to is not to burn the red as a natural red Fei Fei. Some red is burned, this red is often not natural, and the coarse species, which is added to the limonite after the formation of the color of heating.
What are the colors of jade bracelets?

Jade bracelet color is divided into two kinds: the original color and secondary color. Native colors include green, blue, purple, black and gray, and all the colors derived from them. Sub-color, including red and yellow and other derived from the color, simply the original color is the growth of emerald out of the color forming colored roots. Secondary color is formed from the surface to the inside, the color from shallow to deep, filled in the jade bracelet crystal fissure.

Jade bracelet color is actually very diverse, red, white, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, almost all the colors have appeared. Even, these colors have appeared in the same piece of jade bracelet on the possible!
What color is the emerald bracelet?

The same texture of a jade bracelet, their color is different, its value and price advantage is different. According to the color, if the emerald bracelet is only a single color, the highest value of green, that is, grandmother green jade bracelet is the highest value. In the green below, there are blue and green, purple blue, red, yellow, green, yellow, blue, gray and blue jade bracelet.

These colors are only in the presence of a color when sorting, in the same bracelet, if there are any different colors, the value of a single color than the emerald bracelet, or even, can be said that more than one color, You can increase the value of a level.

In general, people will have any three different colors called three-color jade, and in the same piece of jade bracelet, both purple, and green called spring belt color, and then there are blessing Lu and blessing Lu Shouxi.
How to judge the quality of jade

Jade in the purchase of the first thing we are concerned about is the real problem, in determining the authenticity of the case, the advantages and disadvantages of jade is another issue had to discuss, usually in the evaluation of the pros and cons of jade is mainly from the color , Texture, transparency and inclusions.
The first aspect: the color of jade also known as color, this color is the specific color Tsui. High-quality emerald color is “yang, thick, positive, and”, Yang is the green was bright and bright, can feel the green taste in the green; thick is to be full of Tsui, vigorous, strong, but not too thick and better; Is to be pure and not evil, green can not have any blue feeling; and is the Tsui even soft, and the texture of jade, transparency,

The second aspect: the texture of the emerald also known as Zhang. Its high-quality Cartier nail bracelet replica meaning is the green part of the street Tsui and green part of the cleanliness. Well, said the glass, badly called lime. If the green part of the waxy, color into one, green was a little yellow taste, it is very expensive.

The third aspect: emerald transparency also known as water. Water is good means that the body transparent and clear, so that the emerald is known as the water is good.

The fourth aspect: jade incense refers to the jade body in the cracks, impurities. Due to the generation in nature, jade materials will inevitably leave other substances, such as clouds, dark spots, split Liu and so on. These defects do not occur in the finished product to lift the position, will not affect its value, and sometimes proved to be genuine. The evaluation of the merits of the emerald, the most important thing is the color is good, accurate identification of green, has a special significance. Excellent gem-level emerald is divided into four kinds, namely emerald, green seedlings, green apple and green. Consumers in practice as long as the master, a class is green, with the naked eye can not observe the yellow taste, the difference lies only in the depth of green, the other is yellow with green, the difference is only how much yellow.
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