love sentences written

love sentences written

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2016-10-25 10:20:08 | 日記

I believe this bias is at the very core of why women are Trade resources held back. It is also at the very core of whywomen hold themselves back. For men, professional success comes with positive reinforcement atevery step of the way. For women, even when they’re recognized for their achievements, they’re oftenregarded unfavorably. Journalist Shankar Vedantam once cataloged the derogatory descriptions ofsome of the first female world leaders. “England’s Margaret Thatcher,” he wrote, “was called ‘Attilathe Hen.’ Golda Meir, Israel’s first female Prime Minister, was ‘the only man in the Cabinet.’

President Richard Nixon called Indira Gandhi, India’s first female Prime  dermes vs MedilaseMinister, ‘the old witch.’

And Angela Merkel, the current chancellor of Germany, has been dubbed ‘the iron frau.’ ”

I have seen this dynamic play out over and over. When a woman excels at her job, both male andfemale coworkers will remark that she may be accomplishing a lot but is “not as well-liked by herpeers.” She is probably also “too aggressive,” “not a team player,” “a bit political,” “can’t be trusted,”

or “difficult.” At least, those are all things that have been said about me and almost every seniorwoman I know. The world seems to be asking why we can’t be less like Heidi and more like Howard.

Most women have never heard of the Heidi/Howard study. Most of us are  of achievement. Still, we sense this punishment for success. We’re aware that when awoman acts forcefully or competitively, she’s deviating from expected behavior. If a woman pushes toget the job done, if she’s highly competent, if she focuses on results rather than on pleasing others,she’s acting like a man. And if she acts like a man, people dislike her. In response to this negativereaction, we temper our professional goals. Author Ken Auletta summarized this phenomenon in TheNew Yorker  reenexwhen he observed that for women, “self-doubt becomes a form of self-defense.”

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