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Is The Trump Administration Already Over? Cause investigation

2017-02-09 01:55:30 | 翻訳記事 Translation

Cause investigation

This is America First!

Immigration examination

Discrimination against foreigners

Religious discrimination


It can not be solved without this fact investigation.

‘US foreign policy is a marketing strategy for selling weapons’ – Jill Stein

If the Americans do not notice the huge fiction of two-party politics , the United States does not change .

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Is The Trump Administration Already Over?

Paul Craig Roberts

Hopes for the Trump administration are not burning brightly. Trump’s military chief, Gen. Mattis, is turning out to be true to his “mad dog” nickname. He has just declared that Iran “is the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

He has declared Russia to be the number one threat to the US.

He has threatened intervention in China’s territorial affairs.

I was wrong. I thought Gen. Mattis was a reasonable choice as he rejects the efficacy of torture, and, according to Trump, convinced Trump that “torture doesn’t work.” Apparently Mattis cannot reach beyond this realization to higher geo-political realizations. Trump needs to fire Mattis who has placed the Pentagon in the way of normal relations with Russia.

There is no evidence in the behavior of Iran, Russia, and China to support Gen.Mattis’ views. His definition of threat is the neoconservative one—a country capable of resisting US hegemony. This is a convenient threat for the military/security complex as it justifies an unlimited budget in order to prevail over such “threats.” It is this hegemonic impulse that is the source of terrorism.

If truth can be spoken, there are only two countries in the world with hegemonic aspirations—Israel and the US—and they are the sources of terrorism. Israel terrorizes Palestinians and has done so for about 70 years. The US terrorizes the rest of the world.

All known Muslim terrorists are creations of the US government. Al Qaeda was created by the Carter administration in order to confront the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan with jihadism. ISIS was created by the Obama/Hillary regime in order to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and then was sent by the Obama/Hillary regime to overthrow Assad in Syria, as Trump’s national security advisor, Gen. Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency revealed on TV. The Ukrainian neo-nazis assaulting the republics of Donetsk and Luhansk were also unleashed by the Obama/Hillary overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine. All terror is associated with Washington and Israel.

The fact of Washington’s overthrow of Ukraine’s government is incontestable; yet large numbers of brainwashed Americans think Russia invaded Ukraine, just as they believe the fake news that Iran is a terrorist state.

The last time Iran initiated a war of aggression was in the last decade of the 18th century when Iran reconquered the Caucasus and Georgia, which Iran soon lost to Russia.

Iran in our time has done no offense except to refuse to submit to being a Washington vassal state.

Additionally, Iran, and Syria rescued by the Russians, are the only states in the Muslim world that are not US puppet states and mere vassals that are nothing in themselves, no independent foreign policy, no independent economic policy. Only Iran and Syria have independent policies.

Iran is a large country endowed with substantial energy resources. Iran has a long history going back to ancient times of independence and military prowess. Today Iran is essential to Russia as a buffer to the US created jihadism that neoconservatives plan to export to the Muslim areas of the Russian Federation. Consequently, Iran is the most inopportune of targets for Trump if he wishes to restore normal, non-threatening relations with Russia. Yet his mad dog Pentagon chief recklessly makes threatening statements alleging Iran to be a “terrorist state.”

Do we see Israel’s hand at work in the threats against Iran? Iran and Syria are the only countries in the Middle East that are not American puppet states. Syria’s army has been hardened by combat, which is what Syria’s army needs in order to stand up to US-backed Israel. Both Syria and Iran are in the way of Israel’s Zionist policy of Greater Israel—from the Nile to the Euphrates. For the Zionists, Palestine and Southern Lebanon are merely the beginning.

Israel has successfully used the corrupt British and now the corrupt Americans to reestablish themselves on lands from which God evicted them. This doesn’t speak well of the intelligence and morality of the British and US governments. But what does?

We are also hearing from Mattis and from Tillerson threats to intervene in China’s sphere of influence. Trump’s appointees appear to be unable to understand that there can be no improvement in relations with Russia if the Trump regime has Iran and China in its crosshairs.

Is there any prospect that the Trump administration can develop geo-political awareness? Is the tough-talking Trump administration tough enough to overthrow the power that Zionist Israel exercises over US foreign policy and the votes of the US Congress?

If not, more war is inevitable.

For twenty-four years—eight years of the criminal Clinton regime, eight years of the criminal Bush regime, eight years of the criminal Obama regime—the world has heard threats from Washington that have resulted in the death and destruction of millions of peoples and entire countries. The Trump administration needs to present a different Washington to the world.


Paul Craig ROBERTS

トランプ政権の見込みは明るく輝いてはいない。トランプの国防長官、マティス大将、“狂犬”というあだ名の通りであることが明らかになった。彼はイランは“世界最大のテロ支援国家”だと宣言したばかりだ。この暗愚な言いがかりの証拠が一体どこにある? そんなものは皆無だ。

真実を言えば、テロ国家は世界に二つしかない。イスラエルとアメリカだ。イスラエルはパレスチナ人を脅しており、 約70年間、脅しつづけてきた。アメリカは、世界のあらゆる国々を脅している。







イランに対する威嚇に、イスラエルの影響が働いているのが見えるだろうか? 中東でアメリカ属国でない国はイランとシリアだけだ。シリア軍は戦闘で鍛えられており、それこそが、アメリカが支援するイスラエルと対決するのに必要なものだ。シリアもイランも、ナイル川からユーフラテス川までという、イスラエルの大イスラエル政策の邪魔になっている。シオニストにとって、パレスチナと南レバノンなど、始まりに過ぎない。



トランプ政権が地政学的認識を進化できる可能性はあるのだろうか? 強気発言をするトランプ政権は、アメリカの外交政策や、アメリカ議会の投票に対して、イスラエルが行使している力を打倒できるほど十分頑強なのだろうか?



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