Windows 10 Creators Update: Common buyer complaints and problems

2017-04-21 14:44:33 | 日記

Although it seemed to be available early, Microsoft officially pushed the red button to unleash the Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11, 2017. That is the third major update since cheap office 2013 professional plus first became available instruction online 2015, and it offers a range of additional features and changes.

Within this update you may get support for virtual reality and 3D, and additionally new gaming features, improvements to Microsoft Edge, the fresh new Windows Defender Security Center dashboard, as well as a slew of tweaks to the Settings app and within the OS.

This point, cheap office 2010 professional plus will be further cautious to be sure an easy upgrade. The release of one's Creators Update is happening slower than previous major updates, first hitting PCs tested to work and then also eventually rolling over other devices. The rollout isn't going without glitchs, plenty of frustrated users are reporting several problems and bugs with Windows 10 version 1703.

For this Windows 10 guide, we'll discuss a few complaints users are receiving together with the Creators Update.

A few of the biggest complaints when the windows are 10 Creators Update are regarding installation. Brief number of users have actually been reporting disorders of the Creators Update getting stuck during download or taking hours to implement.

"The update process was very slow like 1% at every hour. After 4 hours I became frustrated because the plan completed only 5% downloading the update. After restart One time i again started in on it to update it to match be it still slow a person. Surprisingly this time it downloaded the whole update in approx 25/30 minutes. I went along and restarted PC for updating. It went okay nonetheless was frustrated throughout simply because i was worried that it really by no means downloaded the update file properly therefore i might lose my data. Fortunately it booted fine utilizing the newest update." - said stup3ndo on Reddit.

"While updating within the Creators Update, buy cheap microsoft office Update (once) and via ISO (thrice), I faced a similar issue over and over where on one occasion the "Working on updates" got stuck at 73% with 71% thrice, with including the circular dots (indicating progress) became motionless." - said Mohammed Bugedwala on a comment at Windows Central.

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