SIA(Soaked in Asia)とは

What is SIA (Soaked in Asia)?
To love beyond Understanding


SIA is a project of the Kyushu University Asia Center initiated by an award winning writer, Takagi Nobuko to interact with Asia through literature. Takagi selects the short story from Asia, visit the country to have a dialogue with the writers to get herself “soaked” in Asia, and shares what her sensitivity had grasped. Literature is one of the powerful tools which enable us to think of what ordinary people in Asia dream, desire, antagonize and cherish. Literary works convey intimate feelings that we can sense at the bottom of our heart and allow us to capture the world that may go beyond logical explanations. SIA sees literature not merely as art form or entertainment but rather as carrier for ‘information of heart and soul’ and undertake literary exchange with the writers in Asia. When the life of an individual in today’s Asia was narrated as a ‘story’, those on the receiving end can vividly visualize the world and think about them more personally and affectionately. Using the inspiration and insight gained from the interaction with Asian writers, Takagi writes her short story and essay and shares her ideas through multiple of media such as public forum, print and visual media and internet.

Outline of the Asian short stories so far taken up by SIA

Gregorio C. Brillantes, The Distance to Andromeda, Philippines

Ben, a 12 year-old boy living in Tarlac, Central Luzon, loves watching movies and stars. Although he was raised in a wealthy family, he feels anxiety about the future when he looks up the starry sky. The author portrays Ben with sensitivity and imagination which overlaps with his childhood experience.

Tran Thuy Mai, Heavenly Winds, Vietnam

This is a love story of a young woman and her farther who owns a dance school. The legacy of the Vietnam war casts a dark shadow over the father’s love, making him feel hopeless. Meanwhile, although the daughter was heartbroken by an unfaithful (fickle or wanton) young man with modern ideas, she never loses her love to her family. A cafe where the wind breezes through is the main backdrop of the story.

Syaman Rapongan, An Angel’s Farther, Taiwan

The farther who is from an indigenous ethnic group, Tao, always indulge himself in drinking. On his daughter’s birthday, he decides to skin-dive into the sea to catch octopus and tridacna clams, which leads to a tragic accident. Although misfortune takes place, the whole story maintains a strangely positive atmosphere. This short story touches reader’s heart by suggesting that life and death are interwoven and that everything is part of the mother earth.