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The type of electro-acupuncture instrument

2016-10-19 14:27:20 | Medical equipment

Dental mobile phone use precautions
After each use, make sure that the dust particles sucked back into the phone are clean. To avoid the particles cause bearing damage.
For the newly repaired mobile phone before use, please open the back cover, remove the axis with a paper towel will be wrapped with a good head, with cleaning oil will remain in the airway dust particles cleaned, fitted on the axis and after Cover, and then clean the lubrication before use.

Common Problems of Stomatology Mobile Phones and Their Solutions
Inspection found that bearing dirty, and more due to the accumulation of debris caused.
1. Check the water supply of the dental chair;
2. Before sterilization, rinse the mobile phone with mobile phone cleaner;
3. Replace the bearing, install the new bearing with ultrasonic cleaner when cleaning the phone shell.

Inspection found that bearing black, and more due to high temperature sterilization and debris accumulation caused
1. First complete the above steps;
2. Check the sterilization furnace, if necessary, please check the temperature of the sterilization process.

Dental mobile phone use

Bearings are often damaged
1. First complete the above steps;
2. Check the mobile phone head (including the inner surface) is damaged;
3. Bearings should only be repaired once, if the occurrence of damage should replace the new bearings;
4. Timely replacement of O-ring;
5. As far as possible the use of short car needles, do not use severe wear of the needle;
6. Repair the bearing in accordance with the provisions of the operating technology to do;
7. Each patient must be maintained after treatment.

Press the phone can not be fixed in the car, mostly due to accumulation of debris or too large car Erzhi Solution can not be fixed with the same needle.

Operating Torque or Efficiency Reducing ball wear or trachea obstruction is the main reason for this Solution
1. Check the wear of the ball and found that wear and tear should be replaced;
2. Replace the O-ring;
3. Check the phone trachea, found to be unobstructed please professional maintenance.

Maintenance-free bearing ball wear
1. Do not rinse this phone;
2. Do not use the "maintenance-free" mobile phone and cell phone in the same clinic.
Bearing rust Under normal circumstances, the bearings will not rust, but the accumulation of debris, and in a wet state may rust.
3. Wash and dry the phone after each patient's treatment, do not put the wet cell phone into paper bag for sterilization

Needle jitter when turning the bearing This is often due to the bending of the needle or the center of the mandrel 1. Check whether the needle is bent;
2. If the needle does not bend, you will need to replace the spindle;
3. Do not use large pins and long pins.

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