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Test Article for mms:

2006-02-19 17:03:29 | Weblog
Here is my friend's wmv file when he was broadcasted on CATV.

But I can't add the URL as link on this goo blog article.
How can I save it as link?

How about this?
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To Do

2005-03-21 23:50:09 | Weblog
1. Get a bike
2. Submit the individual industrial analysis of MBA590
3. Submit Southwest Airlines case report of MBA590
4. Read PWC's KM case report of ITM514
5. Prepare for submitting the deliverables of ENT540


Meetings, meetings and meetings

2005-03-08 12:03:29 | Weblog
I'm a student at a business school, so I have to have lots of meetings. All meetings are very interesting but exhausting a little bit.

I met several new people at the different meetings. The most impressive person is a Japanese businessman who lives in Arlington Heights. He was a student at Waseda University and has been working in the computer system industry, same as me. He gave us several proposals about our marriage life.

And also the Vice Provost of our school is interesting. He is very good at ice breaking at meetings. I enjoyed the meeting time with a great effectiveness.

Meeting people is extremely fun! I should brush up my English communication ability to get more excellent experiences. Keep it up!
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This week's To-Do list.

2005-02-08 05:13:41 | Weblog
This week, I have a lot of things to do. I should make a To-Do list and manage the schedule.


1. Business Policy
1-1. United Airlines' questionnaire (1.5H: Fri)
1-2. Microsoft case (6H: Fri)
1-3. Southwest case (6H: Fri)

2. Data Mining
2-1. Clementain Ex. (4H: Wed)
- Meeting with Maneesh (2H: Tue. 16:00)

3. New Venture Financing
3-1. Questionnaire to the director of Entrepreneurship Center (3H: Tue)

4. SCG-SEO Meeting
4-1. 1st phase Report & rough estimated budget for 2nd phase (6H: Sat. 15:30-)
- Meeting with the Dean (1H: Sat)
- Meeting with Marc (1H: Fri)
- Analyzing weblog (4H:Fri)

5. SCG-Marketing
5-1. Update the website (2H: Tue)
5-2. Send the notice to the prep. school (1H: Tue)

(No Due)

6. Speaker's Series
6-1. Sending a mail to the alumna
7. Intern
7-1. Sending a mail with resume and the materials

Chicago MBA technology

What I heard from Jennifer...

2005-01-29 11:18:06 | Weblog
Transfering from MBA to MS Financial Market

The case of Jennifer [Entered in Sep. 2003]

[1st Q] MBA:1, MSF:1, English:1
[2nd Q] MSF:3
[3rd Q] MBA:2, MSF:1
[4th Q] Transferred to MSFM

Another case of Marian [Entered in Jan. 2004]

[1st Q] Transferred to MSFM
[Background] Brokerage experience

It seemed that she didn't want to talk about it. I guess Naomi was too tough for her...
She was forced to take at least three classes from MBA.
She recommended the dual degree program instead of transfer. But I think she misunderstood that I wanted to transfer. After my explanation, she just recommended to talk with Naomi and Marian. I guess she had a tough time with Naomi...
What I have to do next...

To talk with Marian and the Director of Finance.
That's it!

Chicago MBA finance

A presentation of the SEO plan

2005-01-28 10:35:02 | Weblog
I've already finished the presentation for the professors. How was that? I felt that it was good and I could take an iniciative for it during the whole meeting. But now, If I review the presentation, there were lots of things that I was supposed to do. One of the professors led me the right direction by his questions. I should appreciate him. He controled the whole meeting...

Anyway I guess I got their trust for the project. Tomorrow, Marc is going to make a presentation in front of the Dean. How can I support him?

MBA Chicago
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2005-01-24 12:25:01 | Weblog
Rich and Martha invited us to a Japanese restaurant and his home in Lombard. We enjoyed Japanese cuisine, such as Sushi, Tempra and Tonkatsu. Most impressive event was visiting their home. Their living room is fabulous! Especially the fireplace between the living and family room. The fireplace is open to both rooms and the view from each room is little bit different. Someday, I'll have a similar fireplace in my home. And I like their garage too. There are lots of bikes, tools, plants and a huge Gold Wing! Hmm... I haven't ridden a motorcycle in the US, but I wanna ride a big one after getting an internship job...

Anyway, they said there would be the Lilac Parade in Lombard this coming May. I'll surely be there and enjoy the daytime Lombard next time.

MBA technology

Google's ranking

2005-01-22 12:32:18 | Weblog
Hmmm... I can't understand that. Why is Google ranking of the keywords still keeping low? I've already fixed it, and almost all of Google rankings got recover... Just one combination of keywords! To postpone the meeting was lucky for me. I should consider about it by my full brain...

I guess trackbacks' effects are bigger than I expected. So, I'd better keep putting trackbacks periodically on my top pages.

Chicago MBA

Search engines' rankings

2005-01-16 08:52:49 | Weblog
Wow... Ranking on Google has dropped and Yahoo's one has risen up. I guess the blog site is the main reason because quite a few links went second pages. It's my fault... I should fix this situation. Unfortunately, I should have a meeting with professors next week. So, I have to go ahead right now!

MBA technology

A new project

2005-01-15 11:19:21 | Weblog
Today's meeting was also interesting. There are so many interesting thing in the world! I'm taking a data mining class and a entrepreneurship class in this quarter. Today's project relates to both of them. I believe I'm the most suitable candidate for the project if I have enough English communication ability. But I guess high English communication ability is required for it. Fummm...

I'll submit the initial report on Monday. I shouldn't give it up before trying it !

MBA Environmental Management
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