Honmuraan Topics and information.

Besides this, various goods matched to the customer's like near in season, the la carte dish, and a buckwheat special menu, etc. matched at the season demands will be prepared, and we wait for your coming.

Regular Menu of Honmura-an is here (PDF).

Closed on 4th.(Tue.), 11th.(Tue.), 18th.(Tue.), 25th.(Tue.)

Closed on 1st. (Tue.)~8th. (Tue), 22nd. (Tue.), 29th. (Tue.)

The restaurant is to be closed continuously from August 1st. (Tue) to 8th. (Tue) as our summer holidays.

We open regulary on August 15th. (Tue.)

・The regular closing days are every Tuesday except holidays.
・The restaurant hours are from 11:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. (order stop), then close at 9:30p.m., keep open during the meantime.
・Your reservation are desired for dinner time.
・Reservations on Sundays and Holidays at lunch time are accepted only for the guests who pre-order the special course menu.
・We accept American Express, Master Card, VISA, JCB, Diners for your payment.
Smoking is prohibited inside the restaurant all through day.

・See this site!

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