Goalkeeper position

2017-04-05 18:13:11 | 日記
Goalkeeper position, because the partition is basically a foregone conclusion Blake Swihart Jersey, the game team may arrange the main Kerry - Price to rest, Julian said after the injured goalkeeper Al - Montoya may be in Florida to join To the team, he hit the season rate of 91.2%, the performance of stability.

In contrast, the Puma team, the main goalkeeper Roberto - Lu Angge in the last month on the basic declaration of the team's end of the season, but he may catch the last few games in the regular season comeback, be regarded as this bad season On a relatively complete full stop. The team in the 7: 0 victory over the Chicago Black Hawk, in four consecutive games can be lost in the game Nomar Garciaparra Jersey, so the game back home to the game, is bound to go all out to end this wave of four straight. In front of the field, the team general Alexander - Balkov has been sidelined by two games, this season he scored 52 points in 61 games, his absence on the team a great impact Heath Hembree Jersey. Recently the best performance is Jonathan - Maqiesuoer Te, as the team this season, a rare bright spot in the past eight games he scored 6 goals to send 1 assists, Jonathan - Hobart scored 2 goals 5 assists David Ortiz Jersey, this season was long missed his 27 games scored 8 goals sent 15 assists.

Backcourt, Christopher - Le Tang and Trevor - Daley still can not debut, at both ends of the offensive and defensive Mark - Streit and Justin - Schultz performance is not ideal, the past seven games two Together only 2 assists, but Ian - Cole during this period sent four assists, to the team offensive and defensive series provides a little support.
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