Penguin team will rewrite the score

2017-04-05 18:13:09 | 日記
Penguin team will rewrite the score 4: 0, defender Justin - Schulz received Crosby pass along the left side of the board wall into the blue line Ryan LaMarre Jersey, spotted the opportunity of two teammates in front of the shot, the ball Hit the ancient Enzel's body after the catapult Nick Tropeano Jersey, 4: 0.

The first 10 minutes and 30 seconds, the blue team finally use the penguin team to fight less mistakes to regain a city, Schultz in the blue line near the mistakes, blue group center Brandon - Du Binsky steals the edge The right side of the sudden Jefry Marte Jersey, he rushed in the penguin defender Mark - Streit replied before the moment to play a wonderful shock wrist shot, the hole wearing Murray's fingers off the network, 4: 1. After the two sides and then unable to rewrite the score, the penguin team to a hearty victory, the two teams this season, the series rewrite into 2-2, the two sides of the season four encounters, the home team have achieved victory, So this victory for the penguins is essential. The current team to 3 points advantage of the leading blue team, the basic lock the first round of the playoff home advantage, Murray to 38 save the game became the biggest hero Nate Smith Jersey.

Brandon - Plast is the retired Canadian ice hockey player, the NHL played in five teams played 486 games tough guy, in the NHL when the mouth without cover, this time he is also direct in Twitter Fired guns to spray NHL's chairman Gary Bateman. "Good kind of Gary (Bateman), to further destroy the ice hockey." After the calm of the Plast has sent a Twitter that the Olympic ice hockey on his importance, "I see the best in life One of the hockey moments is Canada's 2010 final against the US, Crosby's overtime winning ball, thanks to God I recorded it down.
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