Bateman has repeatedly said that

2017-04-05 19:02:12 | 日記
Bateman has repeatedly said that NHL now encountered a good time to enter China, and NHL into China's means and way is not just a Chinese race, for the future, Bateman has a detailed promotion plan. "NHL will launch a variety of promotion in China in the future Fernando Abad Jersey, such as in the new media platform, Tencent sports every day will play NHL competition and reported." At the same time, Beitman willing to NHL professionals in various fields To help China develop the basis of ice hockey, and held in China is only NHL eye-catching event in the first step Carl Yastrzemski Jersey, "if you can watch a high level of ice hockey game, I believe there will be more Chinese people like ice hockey Craig Kimbrel Jersey, and participation To the ice hockey Rick Porcello Jersey. "

Although it is not known that the Dallas star will not come to China one day in the future, but to be sure, Taylor - Sekin as a well-known sports nutrition supply brand hundred whistle spokesperson, he will be in May this year to China publicity To promote the ice hockey, and the Chinese fans to close the exchange, last year came to China for the Huitai platform NHL star is Edmonton Oil Team captain Mike - David, and by a lot of attention. This time, China's ice hockey fans can really look forward to some of the.

16 minutes and 35 seconds, the shark team was a great opportunity, Brent - Burns in the case of more long-range shot in the middle of the post. Since then the shark team to continue to suppress the flame team's offensive, the first section of the overall number of the two sides shot 28:12, the shark team ahead, but the score or the flame team 1-0 lead.

The second quarter, the use of more opportunities to play less, the opening of the flame team to take the initiative, the first 3 minutes and 39 seconds, the recent state of a group of shocking Shawn - Mona Han once again for the team meritorious deeds, Chris - The ball in the blue line near the strong shot, the ball was reluctantly saved by Jones, Matthew - Teka Chuck and Mona Han double ghosts knocking the door, and ultimately Mona Han will fill the ball, 2: 0.
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