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ATF002 Crying in the dark La piailleruse dans la tenèbre

2016-12-31 23:13:27 | Asagaya(阿佐ヶ谷)
87mmdd003a90.jpg ISO 3200
J'achetais un film nouveau. J'ai entendu ls piailleurie dans la tenèbre de la nuit. Je ne pouvais rien voir, mais j'ai essayé de prendre un photo. C'est le photo.

I don't remember it was on what day in the 1987. I had just gotten a new Konica film which could be able to increase the film speed to 13200. I set it at 3200. I listened the crying in the dark of the night. I couldn't nothing clearly, but I tried to take a picture. The result is this.

(阿佐谷北、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)

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