Magnum light towers are synonymous

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These are used widely in oil fields, construction sites, bridges & road construction to sandy beaches or football fields. These light towers come in a wide range of options, as per their use in various application areas. The best thing about these portable light towers is that they are compact in design with only 49 inches wide.

The 1000 & 2000 Series

This series is the choice of LED Candle Lights millions of users who wish to go for the power of portable choices.

The Rough Terrain Series

Apart from Magnum light towers, there is a rough terrain series of light towers that are designed to work in rough environments, and adverse climatic conditions. The Magnum MLT3000 Series Light Tower is the most popular portable series among customers for offering better illumination even in times of winds up to 65+ mph. In this article, you would get to know about a few most widely used varieties.
Magnum light towers are synonymous with quality lighting in a wide range of industry sectors including the pivotal manufacturing units. An added advantage of these electric light towers is that you can maintain them with easy access to all the controls and routine servicing areas. They come with four 1,000 watt metal halide lights that can illuminate up to seven acres. You can use this series in the harshest of work environment from deserts to the frozen tundra.
Tough, reliable, and user friendly, use Magnum light towers to get the maximum return on all your investments.net

The 3000 Series

This series is known to offer enough capacity to illuminate up to seven acres. These electric light towers are available in ranges from 6kw, 8kw and 20kw. They are most reliable illuminating devices for offering added protection during transit, as it can store light in a considerable amount. To get the best from these, nowadays, these towers come with a complete flexibility of 360 degree rotation for much better illumination. For more information about Magnum light towers, portable light towers, diesel light towers, mobile light towers visit www. They are weatherproof, and user friendly and best for special events and parties to general construction and concrete finishing. Their ability to perform even in the worst conditions have made them ideal for use in oil field, construction, and mining industries.
These illuminating towers are known T5 Fluorescent Lamp for their quality, mobility, and cost effective prices. These narrow body standard mobile light towers are available in 6kw and 8 kw capacity. But my field of interest is to write for electric light towers. They are wider than the previous series and come with optional interior room to fit in individual needs of users.

The 4000 Series

Known for offering brighter light and greater mobility, this series comes in a rugged, reliable portable package.
I have written many articles. All the electric/diesel light towers in this series are strong built with galvanized mast, frame, and fenders for heavy duty performance.lighttower.

The 5000 Series

This series of mobile tower lights are preferred for their robust cabinet design. You can use them both indoors and outdoors, whenever you need extra lighting
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