Capacity utilization averagely remain at 65% in the part of the equipment

2017-06-20 09:04:12 | 日記
Capacity utilization averagely remain at 65% in the part of the equipment not yet complete assembly, still lack of talent, weak market demand and other factors.A new round of bloody battle is coming in Led industryIt is not difficult to predict the that mainland manufacturers will release more LED chips in the market in 2013, because the chips produced by mainland manufacturers are mostly concentrated in the low-level, therefore for mainland firms specializing in price war, it is bound to set off a new round of bloody battle.

Most of mainland LED canopy lights makers receive financial subsidies from local government, even if the wafer business losses, they can whitewash earnings through government subsidies. However, due to being late to enter the market, manufacturers tend to attack with lower prices to grab competitors market. Take the continent's largest chip factory San’an for example, it directly proposed Exceed Epistar, to be the first in Asia slogan, directly aim at Epistar. It not only significantly poaches, but also promotes their products to downstream packaging manufacturers at 20 to 30% cheaper price.

2. LED devices price stabilizes, medium power risesThe mainland LED devices price rapid declines in 2011 when encountering market cold snap and gradually tend to be stabilized in 2012since the market gets warmer and inventory return to normal levels, the quarterly decline is about 6%. Now the price of LED devices is at a lower level. Taking into account the price of LED chip space will fell due to price war, other raw material prices are relatively stable, and there is an upward trend for labor and operating costs, it is estimated that LED devices prices quarterly decline basis in 2013 will be controlled within is an international photoelectric technology industry company which is specialized in developing, designing, producing, selling LED products, and providing professional lighting engineering solutions and integrated services.

The epitaxial wafer increase in volume and price war is detonatedOrders pick up in the first half of 2012 brought confidence for the mainland edison vintage bulb epitaxial wafer plant, driving the set aside equipment purchase orders to be re-put on the agenda, the not installed equipment have also entered the operation. By the end of October 2012, the number of mainland MOCVD machine is 823 units. In capacity, the total capacity of the mainland LED wafer production line has reached 4,022 ten thousand / year count by 2-inch epitaxial wafers.
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