Why are you singing these songs?

2017-06-09 10:59:59 | 日記
And when we interrogated why are you saying these things, why are you singing these songs? You're not in the vein of Bob Marley who was all about one love. And they'll you, no, the Bible says that homosexuality's an abomination, and, you know, that's the end of the discussion. And we now have a situation where that anti-gay animus, which was exported to us by the evangelicals, is now taking root in Jamaica. We now are producing our own version, which is much more virulent. And we are re-exporting it to the rest of the Caribbean. How is Simone doing, by the way? How is she doing? Simone and Kayla are doing great. They've really firmly rooted themselves in Holland, where they've sought asylum. And Kayla's excelling in school and Simone is training herself to be a nurse. Wow, that was an amazing story.
Yes, it touched a lot of people at the screening. People were very moved by it, by Kayla's story.Well, how does your former wife feel about your coming out? Is she OK with it, or is she mad at you? Well, the thing is, she knew about my homosexuality for 10 years before we got married. I mean, she was my quote, unquote fag hag for 10 years. I mean, she knew all my boyfriends, etc. But then my - when my last gay relationship failed and her straight relationship failed, we thought, well, you know, let's try the marriage thing. It might cure me and will help her. And of course, when that didn't work, it was an acrimonious divorce. But we maintain our civility because of our son. And as I saying, that she now lives with him in Belize, and because of the law in Belize, which bans the entry of homosexuals, I am trying to sue that country to get access to see him. Maurice Tomlinson is a lawyer and human rights activist who divides his time between Jamaica and the U.S. He joined us from member station WXXI in Rochester, New York. Micah Fink is a filmmaker and producer of the documentary "The Abominable Crime," in which Maurice Tomlinson is featured. The film is currently on the film festival circuit now. He joined us from member station WBGO in Newark, New Jersey. Thank you both so much for speaking with us.
So the question I would have is why now? Right, and the reality is that we are now seeing the fruits of both your culture war being exported to us and also the fruits of 20 years or 30 years of indoctrination, homophobic indoctrination, by evangelical pastors from America. And there's evidence of that. The Jimmy Swaggarts, etc., their description of gays as abominations, as disease vectors, etc., it was incessant. The result was that the Jamaican pastors saw the success of people like Jimmy Swaggart and they started parroting that sort of rhetoric. The majority of our musicians grew up in church. I mean, in Jamaica, you didn't have a choice, you had to go to church. And you sit there every Sunday and hearing this kind of stuff, and these guys then produced music. I mean, we have 200 songs which are calling for murder and, you know, abuse of gays. They produce these songs.
But you attribute this to the influence of white American evangelicals. Oh, yes. But the white, you know, American evangelicals in this country don't advocate people going around shooting people and killing people and harming people. That is not a part of our, you know what I mean, that's not a part of linsheng so what I don't understand is why do you think it's taken on - 'cause you do make the point that there was not this level of, kind of, vitriol and public harassment even 20 years ago.
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