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Alonso: Muy contento, otra vez el mejor del resto

2016-09-19 | Football&F1

9/18日、F1第15戦 Singapore (Marina Bay) GP決勝

Alonso: "Seventh was the maximum we could achieve today –
the best of the rest after the two Mercedes,
the two Red Bulls and the two Ferraris.
We weren't perhaps quite the fourth-fastest team here this weekend,
so it's thanks to good strategy and
a good start that we were able to bring home this result.
I chose to go on the outside at the start,
and the crash didn't affect me
as I was already up into sixth at that point.
Then I braked very late for the first corner
and got past Daniil and Kimi.
Everything went fine – sometimes you just need to get lucky.
For a time, I was even hoping for a podium finish –
if something had happened ahead of me
it could have worked out that way –
but in fact it was one of those races
in which nothing happened at the front.
But, overall, we did the best we could today."

次は、10/2日15:00(日本時間:16:00)Malaysia Grand Prix (Sepang)
『モータースポーツ』 ジャンルのランキング
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