Doors and windows leading force in the market

2017-07-31 10:41:30 | lwhardware
Observation and analysis of the European market situation and development of windows and doors, no doubt with some guidance and reference.I. Status and Trends of the European window industryEuropean energy-saving windows and doors industry in the strict regulations and industry standards and regulatory norms, from the design and manufacture of profiles, windows design, windows and doors production technology, hardware and other supporting parts until the configuration and installation, to ensure the quality into the window transferred to the user.wth of market demand for windows and doors, windows and doors to increase competition among enterprises.

Market demand for windows and doors tendThe European construction market is saturated, the slow groto personalize, windows and doors tend to diversify products, new technologies and products to the market continuously.In order to reduce production costs, doors and windows enterprises to continuously improve its manufacturing automation. At the same time, enterprises were forced from the market in accordance with the fragmentation of production orders. The impact on internal and external doors and windows business process management has put forward higher requirements.

Doors and windows leading force in the market, door and window hardware to promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading.Windows and doors market in Europe, the doors and windows of various materials such as PVC, wood, aluminum and aluminum composite wood windows and doors, are dominant in their respective application fields.Orders mainly from the residential repair doors and windows, new residential, non-residential building renovation and new non-residential buildings.

Windows and doors in the European market, from residential and non-residential buildings roughly the same order of doors and windows, from new housing and renovation of existing housing order the windows and doors are almost equally important. With the massive construction boom gradually subsided, the domestic enterprises need to focus on domestic windows and doors windows and doors market in the coming period will be similar in the market.
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