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Fringe necklace, $44 at An esthetician has a magnifying glass. JG: The word fascination is right on target. But he was this cute, cool guy so I was sort of like oh. Less Golden Goose Sneakers than 24 hours later, M.A.C. This prim white tie-collar sleeveless blouse allowed the rust-colored pleated skirt featuring sheer black trim to speak volumes.

Read on for her answers.Fashion Week "Would you rather"Paris or NYSpring or FallChampagne or Coconut waterPrint or DigitalFacebook or TwitterMarc Jacobs for Dior or Marc Jacobs for Louis VuittonJ Crew or Tom FordArizona Muse or Freja Beha ErichsenSubway or Car(But actually, neither.

Is the goal intimacy with the subject?Scott Schuman: One of the things I try and do is keep a distance from a lot of these people. I love that while the looks induce a number of cinematic references, they dont feel overly costume-like to a point that they lose their wearability factor.

This will act as a base, add Golden Goose Sale depth to the shadows you apply over it, and give that silver shimmer. I always start with a story. But last year, the Herbal Essences spokeswoman took her makeup too far when she smudged purple shadow all the way on to her temples (above, right).

Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment Derived from the Pequi fruit, known for centuries as the beauty secret of the Amazon Rainforest, it is rich in moisture-restoring antioxidants, Vitamin A, E, proteins, and lipids; it revives even the driest, color treated, and chemically straightened hair while keeping color vibrant with a special UV filter.

Monroe is fading away. HS: Oh my god, yeah, she is so I admire her so much and everything she stands for. You’re going to wind up at the salon for a correction anyway, so why not just save yourself the drama and go there in the first place?Waxing – Of Any KindIt may seem tempting if you’re pressed for time and/or cash, but resist Golden Goose Sale Store the urge.

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