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In September, IELLO plans to expand the dungeon a bit with a standalone expansion, Welcome Back to the Dungeon.Welcome Back to the Dungeon will include 19 new monster cards and 28 new tiles. It also includes a dragon token just in case you thought there wasn t a good reason to pick it up. Who can resist a dragon token As I mentioned, the game will be a standalone expansion meaning you can play it by itself or mix it up with all the goodness in the original WttD.

IELLO is releasing the game on September 15th for those who have pre-ordered and September 29 for those who couldn t pull the early trigger. Pre-orders are available now directly from the IELLO website.IELLOmicro gamesPush your Luckstandalone expansionWelcome to the Dungeontweet

Now on Kickstarter from Drawlab Entertainment, Legendary Dice ThrowersNewsJul 15, 2016In case you were wondering, no, this is not some spin-offto the Legendary card game, this is a cool new way to roll dice. Legendary Dice Throwers do exactly as the name implies, throws dice to roll them. There are three different styles you can choose from that chuck the dice in a different way, and they are a catapult, a crossbow, and a
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