Lizard Squad Members Arrested Two members of noted hacking group Lizard Squad

2016-12-28 10:07:04 | 日記

Overwatch: Sombra, Details on Halloween Event Leaked An image of what appears to be the new Overwatch character Sombra leaks online, along with more details on the game s rumored upcoming Halloween event. Final Fantasy 15 PC Port Would Take A Year To Develop Final Fantasy 15 s Hajime Tabata dashes the hopes of fans who were hoping a PC port of the upcoming RPG would be in development and completed shortly after its console launch.

Lizard Squad Members Arrested Two members of noted hacking group Lizard Squad, the same group responsible for the PSN and Xbox Live outage of Christmas Day 2014, have been arrested. Super Mario Bros. Speedrunner Sets New Record Just four days after a gamer set the Super Mario Bros. speedrun record, another speedrunner does the impossible and sets a new record by a few milliseconds. World of Warcraft: Legion World Quest Event World of Warcraft: Legion s first World Quest Bonus Event begins and players currently have the chance to earn a ton of resources, gold, reputation, and gear.

Here s how to get started. New Star Wars The Old Republic Cinematic Trailer Debuts Don t miss the epic and beautifully animated cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic s upcoming expansion, titled Knights of the Eternal Throne. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Details Revealed Activision releases details about the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta, including which Combat Rigs, maps, and Mission Teams will be included.
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