Improved the effect of Quell animosity

2016-10-29 10:08:33 | 日記
Improved the description on The Banner of Outrage , Hunting Spear and Staff of Darkoth Banners.Re-balanced armies set up for the Beastmen in Custom Battle, when using the Auto-Generate Army button.Fixed a bug where the Graze of Darkness Event message appeared twice in a row.When the player is playing as Beastmen, AI factions in Underway stance will no longer be labelled as being in Beast-Path stance.

Improved the effect of Quell animosity on Bestial Rage.Fixed incorrect 'By The Gods' trait effect.Fixed an issue where Beastmen units would repeatedly enter and exit the towers.Damaged Razorgor Chariots will no longer have no crew manning them at the start of a battle.Fixed an issue where AI Beastmen Warherds would stay in place after nearby Empire regions were razed.The Fall of Man Quest Battle in Call of the Beastmen DLC will now trigger when the Empire is dead, rather than when Karl Franz is dead.

Added more units to Empire rebel armies that spawn during the Eye for an Eye Campaign in Call of the Beastmen.DwarfsCapped minimum reload time to prevent multiple Master Engineers rewriting the laws of physics and giving ranged units negative reload times.Dragon Cloak of Fyrskar quest chain should no longer get stuck if the Greenskins are wiped out during the first stage.The lighting in the Black Fire Pass battle has been improved as it appeared to be very dark for some
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