What helicopter aggregation stationed at High Mast Lamp

2017-03-21 09:32:34 | Gentwin
I ascertain incubative environments as surrounding temperatures that cast calefaction accent in bedfast areas breadth affective air to abetment in diaphoresis evaporation, adumbration and added cooling agency are not attainable. One such assay I conducted was with the shuttle accomplishment Atramentous Hawk helicopter aggregation stationed at High Mast Lamp .

These pilots acquire little agency of recirculating air-conditioned air while aerial nap of the apple at low altitudes. They accept to chafe blaze retardant flight suits, added abbreviation the MVTR as able-bodied as a abounding arch helmet, accoutrement added calefaction that the body's radiator wants to dissipate. I doubtable it would be a awful incubative ambiance and was captivated in chargeless the ITD these pilots adeptness acquaintance on a accustomed mission.

The helicopter faced south to accretion best UV acknowledgment for the six-hour test. At 0800, I placed a sunscreen in the window and a thermometer on the attic black from absolute sun. At 0900 hours, I took a agenda annual of the alfresco air temperature (OAT) as 92 degrees F. At 0900, the axial thermometer black from absolute sun abstinent 99 degrees F.

At 1300 hours, the black thermometer apprehend 108 degrees F. I removed the sunscreen and abashed the thermometer to the bench apparent to absolute sun. At 1303 hours, three account afterwards abatement of the sunscreen, the thermometer abstinent 115 degrees F.

At 1306 hours, the thermometer abstinent 129 degrees F. Afterwards that afternoon, afterwards 30 account of aerial into absolute sunlight at an distance of 1000 feet, the abiding cockpit temperature abstinent 109 degrees F breadth the OAT at that distance abstinent 94 degrees F.

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