When come with frosted PMMA lens

2017-06-19 11:15:57 | Gentwin
When come with frosted PMMA lens, LED pipe lights can achieve the same illumination effect as conventional neon pipes with an super wide beam of 180 degree while save over 50% power bills. Also when the dimmable external drivers are used, pipe illumination can be Triac dimmable to 8%, so that you can get the appropriate illumination you desired. Now the unique rotatable end cap pipe illumination are available to adjust illumination direction.

Come with standard G13 or G5 bi pin base, LED illumination are super simple to set up and suitable with most existing T8 or T5 electrical sockets. Just remove the old neon pipes, take off the ballast, and set up the LED pipe illumination, then you can enjoy the new cost effective and natural illumination.

LED pipe lights are efficient, safe and practical with durability. Incandescent lights turn 90% of the energy consumed to warm, but pipe illumination produce mild with very little warm generation, which makes them much more effective and safer, also you do not have to worry the risk of burn-out of.

In a word, LED pipe illumination are economical, environmental helpful, non-toxic, efficient and practical natural lights which are super simple to set up and suitable with most conventional electrical sockets.

Shenzhen Gleming Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise of energy saving and environmental friendly LED lighting products, focusing on high quality LED lighting products series, Gleming's LED products have a number of patents and intellectual property. Our core business fields are: commercial and civil LED lighting products, our main products are LED light tube, LED panel lights and LED down lights, etc.
Unlike a lot of other resources of illumination that turn good deal energy to warm, they transforms almost all of the energy to mild, which leads to the high quality and enables them a much better selection for illumination. Since they generate much less warm then other mild, LED pipe illumination are cool to touch even after quite a while operation.

LED pipe illumination can last over 35,000 hours so that you don't have to replace light for years. The durability and reliability help make them extremely appropriate in workplace, school, and grocery store along with other areas. They hardly need any maintenance costs during their lifetime. LED illumination can easily switch to dc which is a stable mild and doesn't harm your eyes.

Spotlight Housing illumination consume estimated 50% energy of a equally rated neon mild based upon mild outcome. Different pipes from different manufacturers may deliver different energy consumption results. Fluorescent mild pipes, including compact neon illumination, are covered on the inside of the enclosed pipe with a phosphorous material. The pipe is filled with a bit of mercury vapor at low pressure. When power is introduced, the mercury gas produces ultra violet mild.
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