LED TVs are little bit more costly than LCD TV

2017-06-16 14:32:10 | Gentwin
Therefore, the panels can be thinner than standard LCD panels. LED HDTV is more economical in consuming power. LEDs are generally arranged in two ways in the TV. One way is arrange the LED all over the back and the other one is place them at the edges. In both the cases power consuming is good. Before you buy LED TV, decide your budget and size of the display which you want. Reading lot of LED TV reviews will help you to select the right choice.

Videocon is a global leader in providing high quality electronic productions. The Videocon has introduced Videocon VPL42FBZ Series LED TV. This Videocon LED TV is bundled with incredible features and offers many benefits like USB 2.0 port, full HD 1080p pumps, sleep time and macro vision, music, video and photo. This TV has 42 inch screen size, 5 Preset sound modes, Nanopix Technology, 3D Noise reduction, etc. Videocon VPL42FBZ Series LED TV offers advanced unique features such as Music, sound presets, progressive scan, picture improvement, Dynamic Back Light, full HD and many other features. The price rate of this TV is Rs.99, 990. The Videocon VPL32HBZ LED TV Price in India is Rs.49, 990/.

LED TVs are little bit more costly than LCD TV but you will get superb audio and video quality. This LED TV offers lower power consumption and especially when RGB LED backlighting is used. This also offers better viewing angles. Some of the popular LED TVs are Samsung, Sony and Philips. Sony has always been a leading TV brand and it has introduced LED TV in the market. LED TV gives good picture quality. Nowadays Sony uses Bravia brand to front up their LED TV offerings. Sony products are known for high quality audio along with visual efficiency. This also has wonderful design and looks. This Premium KDL60LX903U employs Active 3D Technology, where Active 3D Eyeglasses accomplish special moment to come up with your 3D Content. Sony Active 3D Glass operates wirelessly from your 3D LED Television set and shows one HD image for each eye. The eyeglasses are classy and more comfortable.

Sony LED TV has Bravia Engine which incorporates a new chip as well image running software program. This technology provides high performance and good output. LED finds popular usage in many areas in the electronics field. LED is quite different from standard fluorescent LED Light Housing technology. LED TV is the lack of mercury in the backlight.
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