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【論考】トランプ大統領・次の1361日  Trump's Next 1,361 Days

2017-04-29 | 論考

【論考】トランプ大統領・次の1361日  Trump's Next 1,361 Days

Donald Trump is not wrong: Judging a presidency on its first 100 days is an inherently ridiculous exercise.
There is, however, a less ridiculous way to assess Trump’s first few months, and he does not fare well.
It’s worth noting that when President Franklin Roosevelt first used the 100-day standard in a 1933 radio address, he was referring to Congress’s time in session, not his own time in office. In that context it makes some sense -- and a public debate on what this Congress has done in its first 100 days (April 13, but who’s counting) would actually be useful. Legislators are supposed to legislate. It’s fair to ask what they’ve accomplished.......

Trump's Next 1,361 Days

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