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【論考】インドでのビジネスがやりやすくなる日!? - インド物品サービス税(GST)導入

2017-05-06 | 論考




【論考】インドでのビジネスがやりやすくなる日!? - インド物品サービス税(GST)導入

Any company wishing to sell its wares across India currently faces at least 17 different state and federal taxes. With the introduction of the long-awaited national goods-and-services tax, that number is about to drop to just one. Due for implementation on July 1, the GST will forge one of the world’s biggest single markets for goods and services -- and boost Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pledge to make doing business in India easier........
India will join 160 nations that have a value-added tax, including Poland, Canada and Japan. At the top rate, India’s GST will be among the highest. And with 29 states, 22 official languages and 9 million businesses, the logistics of overhauling India’s tax system are likely to make any tax changes by U.S. President Donald Trump look easy by comparison.........


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