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【論考】The Economist 今週の注目記事

2017-04-29 | 論考


【論考】The Economist 今週の注目記事

Ben Franklin’s heirs
Neglecting the State Department does real damage
America has a proud and effecive tradition of diplomacy. It is being traduced
Loathe him, love him
Donald Trump’s first 100 days
Not many pledges kept, but his supporters don’t care
Another Trump U-turn
In pursuit of WikiLeaks
He liked leaks better when he was a candidate

The last, toughest mile
China’s new approach to beating poverty
After decades of success, things are getting harder
Fox and hounds
A Chinese tycoon’s allegations are stinging the Communist Party
The party is fighting back
Defeats, defections and disorganisation
Why India’s opposition is nearly irrelevant
The BJP chalks up yet another electoral victory
The vanishing liberal
Australia’s prime minister is not the man he used to be
Malcolm Turnbull used to champion immigration. Now it’s “Australia first”
The happy gambler
Win or lose, Emmanuel Macron has altered French politics
His race against Marine Le Pen for the presidency has marginalised the traditional parties
How Marine could have Trumped
If France used America’s system, Marine Le Pen might have won
A French electoral college would favour sparsely populated, nationalist-voting areas

Badgering the Witnesses
Russia bans the Jehovah’s Witnesses, just as the Soviet Union did
The Russian Orthodox church does not like competition

Mutinies within mutinies
The Alternative for Germany decides to remain a protest party
Right-wing rivals topple party leader Frauke Petry


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