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2017-04-21 | 論考

Disorder under heaven: The travails of a regional hegemon
China’s battle for influence in its region
......China wants to be viewed with wonder and respect but, as it grows stronger and more powerful, it as often unsettles as it reassures.......
Over the past three years China has used a rapidly expanding navy and coastguard to enforce its claims to reefs and rocks far out at sea. It has employed dredging fleets to build artificial islands and runways on them. This official policy is backed by unofficial force. In Tanmen, a gritty harbour next to Boao, large trawlers act as a “people’s maritime militia”. They have chased Philippine and Vietnamese fishermen from disputed grounds, poached in neighbours’ exclusive economic zones and, with officialdom turning a blind eye, ravaged the South China Sea’s reefs, destroying the coral to get at rare, slow-growing giant clams for which China’s nouveaux riches pay fortunes.............


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