JAPAN BRIEFING:エグゼクティブのため情報検索サービス



2017-05-18 | 論考




DONALD TRUMP‘S decision to sack James Comey as FBI director on May 9th seemed to many like a defining moment in his chaotic early stab at governing. Even some Republicans wondered whether it could spell the beginning of an early end to Mr Trump’s crisis-ridden presidency. But already that looks like last week’s story—following claims, first published by the Washington Post on May 15th, that Mr Trump divulged highly classified information to Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador to Washington, DC, in the Oval Office.
Even the fact of the meeting between the president and, respectively, Sergei Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak, had previously looked bad for Mr Trump. It took place the day after he sacked Mr Comey at least partly, Mr Trump himself suggested, because he disapproved of an FBI counter-espionage investigation into Russia’s effort to rig the election last year, with alleged assistance from one or two of the president’s then associates. The meeting was off-limits to American media; the Russian delegation included a photographer for the state-owned news agency, which mischievously released photographs showing the president and his guests getting along like old pals.........

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