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We bring together lawyers of the highest caliber with technical knowledge, industry experience, and regional know-how to create a bespoke team to best meet your needs.

In this example, the decision to trade is based upon the double top and the failed ascending triangle acting as a set up with the trigger being provided by the rejection move and the ensuing gap down. These types of patterns not only impress your friends at dinner parties, but they can also help guide you into opening a trade with precision.

Margin lending also known as margin buying or leveraged equities have all the same attributes as physical shares discussed earlier, but with the addition of leverage, which means like CFDs, futures, and options much less capital is required, but risks are increased. Since the advent of CFDs, many traders have moved from margin lending to CFD trading. The main benefits of CFD versus margin lending are that there are more underlying products, the margin rates are lower, and it is easy to go short. Even with the recent bans on short selling, CFD brokers who have been able to hedge their book in other ways have allowed clients to continue to short sell those stocks.

The CFD offer has been expanded to include 40 CFDs on stocks quoted directly on the South-African market. This market includes many large mining companies. These companies mine commodities such as gold, copper, iron ore, diamonds, etc. Well-known names are Anglo Platinum, Gold Fields, Harmony, Kumba Iron Ore, Lonmin, and Sasol.

The second method of pricing involves the CFD broker quoting you a price to deal that is different from the cash or underlying price. Such firms make their money not by charging you a commission, but by charging you an ‘all in' spread that is reflected in the prices you are offered to deal at.

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