英国essay代写范文-Robert Reich, former US labor secretary

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本篇英国essay代写范文-Robert Reich, former US labor secretary讲了经济学家,作家兼教授克林顿政府前美国劳工部部长罗伯特•里奇(Robert Reich)在雅各布•科恩布鲁斯(Jacob Kornbluth)所作的不平等之中,讲述了美国贫富差距日益扩大的故事。这部电影揭示了抑郁症后中产阶级衰落的社会困境。本篇essay代写由51due代写平台整理,供大家参考阅读。

In the Inequality for All made by Jacob Kornbluth, Robert Reich, former US labor secretary at Bill Clinton administration, economist, author and professor, tells the story of America's widening gap between rich and poor. The film reveals the social predicament of, the decline of the middle class, after the depression.
The general trend of inequality is growing in the U.S. The economic crisis that wreaked havoc in the United States in 2008 underscored inequality. From 1929 to 2011 in the United States, a lot of achievement was made during the free economy, and during this period the degree of liberalization of the US economy has experienced an unprecedented increase. But the strange thing is that the income of industrial workers failed to not only grow with the economic growth but not remained significantly low in economic growth. In other words, most ordinary people do not enjoy the fruits of American economic reform. Also, in the United States the big company is not to create jobs but only to create profits.
Robert Reich also said that social injustice is worsening and economic and democratic conditions are deteriorating. The state and politics has become a tool for capitalists, acted as a tool for suppressing labor in the event of disputes between employers and employees. Also money and electoral politics are related. In addition, he pointed out that in the context of economic depression, sectarian conflict will be more intense than usual.
2 In Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? , it discusses social determinants of health.
One example is difference and inequality in the race and profession leading to different health conditions of the baby and stress level respectively. African American women in general are more likely and tend to have underweight or premature babies compared to the white women. And also, the level of stress and worsening of health increases in a order and rank of CEO, a lab supervisor, a janitor, and an unemployed mother. I also think different races, social class, education and wealth contribute to different health between social groups.
Social policies are to affect the social factors and determinants of health, namely the basic structural and social conditions of the social stratification of people which influence the health of living and working environments. Those environments are directly responsible for the disease. Social policies can narrow difference in health outcomes among different population group by avoiding the negative factors in one social group, such as Sugar in the Pima Indians of southwest Arizona.
Bonus question
The relationship between race and health is not related to the genetic causes, but environment before and after the birth, such as racism and wealth and income gap. For example, the physiological effects of chronic stress in the pregnancy of African American women are harmful for the baby’s health in the womb. The encounter of discrimination in daily life will increase the level of the human stress hormone cortisol. Black cortisol levels are generally higher in the night than whites, while higher levels of cortisol result in poor sleep, which leads to poor health as well.

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