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Brinley Davies, Business Finance and the City of London : Heinemann Educational, 1976

insolvent 債務を返済するため清算に追い込まれる状態であること

事業形態 1) one man business or sole propretorship 長所:強い効率への動機付け 短所:無限責任 資金調達力 2)partnership 長所:経営専門性および資本の広がり 短所:無限責任 互いにほかのパートナーの行為に無限責任 ほかのパートナーの死亡や離脱によって解消される 3)limited joint stock company 3-a)private limited company長所:有限責任 短所:株主数に上限 3-b)public limited company 長所:有限責任で資本調達に上限がない

外部金融external finance 負債である 1)borrowing借入 利子に支払い 借入期間 銀行借入 2)企業間信用trade credit  3)debentures社債

外部金融の今一つは持ち分equity 資本equitiesである部分 有限責任であること 清算時は債務者に対して劣後 1)ordinary shares普通株 議決権の付与 2)優先株preference shares 普通株に対する配当分配で優先 議決権の欠落

定款memorandum of association

社内規則ariticles of association


授権資本authorized capital 発行済資本issued capital 一般に authorized stock >issued capital, paid up capital  

内部金融retained finance;自己金融self finance ⅰ.償却基金depreciation funds 固定資産の減耗wear-and-tear or obsolescence 1)the straight-line depreciation method 2)the reducing balance depreciation method ⅱ.retained profit

営業収支the trading account 損益表the profit and loss account 利益配分表the appropriation account

capital structure;high capital gearing;low capital gearing

primary securities;secondary securities

issuing houses;underwriters

self finance

share finance; privately or open maket

loan finance;長期金融long-term loan finance;短期金融short-trem loan finance  

企業間信用trade credit

銀行信用 当座貸越overdraft

為替手形bill of exchange; trade bills; finance bills; buying(discounting) bills 

分割払いhire-puchase credit

undersubscribed;oversubscribed; nominal or parvalue;issued at a premium;issued at a discount

公募offer for sale(public offer);私募placing an issue(private placement)

measuring a share's performance; dividend rate as a return on the nominal value; dividend yield on the basis of the share's market price a dividend yield; eranings yield; the price-earnings rate

bulls and bears

account days:settlement days

call option;put option

contango:pay for the privilege of this carry-over facility






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