Lazy Monk Brewing outgrew the space beer mugs

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Lately, it feels like everybody in the brewing and distilling arena is leveling up significantly, so we achievement you’re thirsty! Here’s the accompaniment of the ever-growing scene:The Brewing ProjektAfter added than its fair allotment of acknowledged strife, red tape, and Kickstarters, The Brewing Projekt is assuredly battlefront on all cylinders. Founded in 2014, the ability brewery pumps out bags of its artistic and beginning beers like their Gunpowder IPA and Wiscoast Ale every day. The brewery won City Eau Claire Inc’s Best New Business accolade for 2015, and they’ve enjoyed a agglomeration of success in their atom on Oxford Avenue in Eau Claire’s Cannery District.

Though they’re still young, it’d didn’t yield continued for them to ability assembly accommodation at the barn amplitude they’re currently in, and the brewery has some huge affairs to eventually abode itself in one of the endure actual brick barrio in Eau Claire at 1807 Oxford. The new architecture would acquiesce them to amateur in size, amateur their workforce, and alpha distributing their adorable beer all over the state.

Just allotment of Lazy Monk's new taproom.Lazy Monk BrewingAfter authoritative a name for itself at a atom in Eau Claire’s Banbury Place, Lazy Monk Brewing outgrew the space. Late endure year, the operation took a big bound out of Banbury and landed in the old Charlson architecture on Madison Street in city Eau Claire.

They’ve decked the abode out to attending like an accurate German bier hall, and with their beer, they achievement to accompany some European acidity to downtown. “We accept paid abutting absorption to the baby data you will acquisition in any bier anteroom in Europe, which we feel our barter will appreciate,” Lazy Monk co-owner Theresa Frank told us in January.
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