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Fat Burning Foods, Best Way To Burn Fat, Burning Belly Fat, Easy Dinner Meals, Fat Burning Drinks

2017-07-11 18:47:19 | gente y blog
Fat Burning Foods, Best Way To Burn Fat, Burning Belly Fat, Easy Dinner Meals, Fat Burning Drinks
* Eat food that your grandmother would recognize.
* Eat real food
* Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store
* If it doesn’t run, fly or swim – or grown in nature, don’t eat it.

It’s easy to simplify healthy eating into soundbites, but the truth is every human being is different, emotional, and has been through different experiences affecting their relationship with food.

Every diet system is going to stop working at some point. No matter how great it seems initially, that diet will fail because we are emotional and need to be able to troubleshoot through circumstances in order to achieve our desired outcome and break the bondage of bad habits.

And when the diet fails, your next step is crucial.
I’ll help you figure out how to get started when your diet feels broken. I’ll also share exactly how we troubleshoot nutrition plans when “they’ve just stopped working”. And then I’ll teach you how to do it all yourself by setting up a framework for you.

I am going to show you how the 3 Step Skinny Solution Works, but first, let’s review the three step solution.

Skinny Solution Step #1:

Eat Skinnylicious recipes ONLY when you are hungry.
Here's the Coles Notes of How to Eat ONLY When You're Hungry:
Hunger is a GREAT thing. It's your body's form of
communication to you that you have a real reason to
consume calories, which means you DON'T need a
precise schedule for eating. Ignoring your hunger makes
it very easy to get cravings, which increases the risk of
bingeing and gaining weight.

The KEY is to TRUST your appetite. The biggest mistake
people make is depriving themselves when they are
hungry and then eating past the point of fullness at night.
NEVER stay hungry longer than 1-2 hours. Wait at least 30
minutes after that “hollow” sensation of hunger kicks in, eat your favorite Skinnylicious recipe, then move onto Step 2…

Skinny Solution Step #2:

Eat Skinnylicious recipes until you are FULL & SATISFIED, Not Stuffed
Here's the Coles Notes of How to Eat Until You Are FULL:
Eat Skinnylicious recipes until you're FULL and SATISFIED,
NOT Stuffed. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to
communicate with your brain and relay the message that
you're stuffed. The problem with eating until you are
stuffed is that your stomach expands further and further,
forcing you to eat more and more to feel satisfied.

Eat Skinnylicious recipes without DISTRACTIONS. Music,
TV and computers make you spend more time at the
table and tempt you to have another bite or serving.

Eat Skinnylicious recipes MINDFULLY. Pay attention to the taste, texture and smell of your food.

This will help your body accurately register when you're full and satisfied, not stuffed.
Eat Skinnylicious recipes on SMALLER plates and bowls. The size of your plates and bowls will influence your ability to interpret when you're 80% full.

Skinny Solution Step #3:

Eat REAL food (i.e. ANY of the Skinnylicious recipes!)
Here's the Coles Notes of How to Eat REAL Food:
Eat for QUALITY. Skinnylicious recipes contain REAL single
ingredient foods that are not made in a laboratory and
pumped with chemicals to preserve their shelf life.

Eat what your GREAT GRANDMOTHER would recognize.
And if it's something you can't pronounce yourself, toss it
the garbage. Every recipe inside Skinnylicious Cooking
would make your great grandmother proud.

Eat what eventually ROTS. There are a few exceptions
but if it doesn't rot within a few days, then you can count
on it rotting out your insides. Skinnylicious recipes rely on
FRESH food.

Eat what's on the PERIMETER OF THE GROCERY STORE. When you shop for your Skinnylicious foods, expect to stay on the perimeter because this is where fresh foods are found since they need to be replaced constantly.

Yes, The 3-Step Skinny Solutions are that simple and the proof lies in the fact that this is how the entire human species has eaten since the beginning of time; before we experienced a world of obesity and sickness.

Every indicator of positive health in our recent society hit the toilet only when we stopped following the solutions above.

After sticking with these 3-Step Skinny Solutions, alongside the exact recipes inside Skinnylicious Cooking, and with absolutely zero calorie counting, my body transformed in a crazy short time.

Everything You Need to SUCCEED Has Been Laid Out For YOU – Step-by-Step – Inside the Fast Fat Burning Meals Cookbook
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