but now most of us have heard about the
face on Mars and repeated accusations
that NASA has been covering up the truth
four years ago when NASA announced the
discovery of life in a Martian meteorite
I was quoted in the press as saying that
the earth-shaking announcement was a
government test balloon to gradually
prepare the public for a bigger
bombshell I also said that the
announcement was part of a time-release
program to give us all the news and
stages the release of , photographs
from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor has now
put us on the fast track to discovery
about a past intelligent civilization on
the red planet this is NASA's uncover-up
if you will and the Space Agency and I
haven't said this in the past but I'll
say it now it was to be congratulated
for finally making these photographs
available to the general public
today's press conference is truly
historic Tom Van Flandern Brian O'Leary
and scores of scientists the world over
have been eagerly poring over these
pictures and discovering remarkable
things strap yourself in we're about to
see compelling proof of artificial
structures on Mars that could have
profound implications for the history of
the human race as fate would have it
NASA's Mars Odyssey named for the
spacecraft and Odyssey Clarke's
breathtaking film  is now racing
toward the red planet when the Odyssey
finally sends pictures back to earth
sometimes this coming year NASA will
have taken the next giant step in
preparing the public for some very
exciting news indeed Clarke believes
that quote large life unquote namely
vegetation perhaps even trees may be
present in some of the Mars Global
Surveyor photographs that Tom van
Flannan will be showing you in just a
few minutes this is a sculpture by
artist John Sheldon of the famous five
sided pyramid photographed by NASA's
Viking probe in the Cydonia region of
Mars but as a lake Carl Sagan pointed
out in his television series cosmos the
Elysium there
it also has pyramids and these pyramids
very seldom spoken about are said to be
twice as tall as the World Trade Center
how could that be twice as tall as the
World Trade Center geologists and says
that the wind would have to be blowing
from three directions I all at the same
speed for the pyramids of Elysium to
have been formed naturally and then
there are the glass-like tunnels which
are at least  feet in diameter with
exposed sections running a thousand feet
long the tunnels are amazing we may be
looking at nothing less than the
ultimate proof of an ancient
civilization that use these tunnels for
water or perhaps even for transportation
before I turn the microphone over to
Brian O'Leary is something I want to
show you over to your left
the place on Mars is back if this
sculpture is made by artists Salvador
Brazil er based on the original Viking
photograph of the face on Mars that
shows a giant snakes like figure with
human features inside o Mia and now a
new photograph has been released that's
really going to make you sit up and take
notice it's an entirely new face on Mars
and this time it appears to be the face
of a woman wearing a crown okay and now
I would like to introduce dr. Brian

thank you Michael I normally don't read
statements but I think I'm gonna start
reading this one science is going
through a major revolution there's no
question about it we are living in
exciting times in spite of what
government agencies might tell you more
than and probably in no area has there
been more misunderstanding than in the
area of the search for extraterrestrial
intelligence whenever anybody embarks on
this search there seems to be great
controversy great misunderstanding and
yet more than two decades of responsible
research by investigators outside of
NASA on this object the so-called face
on Mars have revealed very strong
evidence not yet proof that this object
and other objects nearby were
artificially constructed and yet NASA
and his contractors have shown no
interest in these objects and have
obfuscated the research history is full
of examples of denial and suppression of
new ideas by the establishment
we have Galileo Copernicus Bruno the
Wright brothers and so forth in each
case the conventional wisdom was
reversed by the investigations of
courageous outside researchers who have
risked their careers and sometimes their
lives to seek the truth rather than to
be politically correct
my colleague dr. Tom Van Flandern is one
example I have known dr. van Flandern
for nearly  years and can attest to
the thoroughness and integrity of his
research during the s we were
graduate students together at Georgetown
University Tom went on for his PhD at
Yale I went on from my PhD at the
University of California in Berkeley
then I was appointed by NASA to be the
first astronaut to Mars
unfortunately the Mars program was
canceled at that point
Tom and I each pursued mainstream
careers in astronomy research publishing
dozens and dozens of peer-reviewed
papers in our fields until the s
when we independently began to address
promising but unsupported topics such as
the Mars anomalies in  the Mars
Viking orbiter imaged a mile long Mesa
that resembles a human face staring
straight up into space the spacecraft
also imaged other objects of interest in
the surrounding areas
this began a  long period of
scientifically inappropriate actions
including the initial denial of a second
corroborating image of the cydonia face
the use of improper optical algorithms
and filters on the high-resolution face
image for for example the initial Mars
Global Surveyor photograph holding back
or delaying the release of images from
the public and providing premature
negative interpretations of their
possible artificiality also we have seen
in NASA a lack of cooperation with
qualified outside investigators
including campaigns to discredit the
inquiry the refusal by mainstream
scientific journals to even consider and
review papers let alone publish them and
NASA's failure to reimage the face and
surroundings under proper circumstances
when occasions rose
collectively these activities violate
NASA's own Charter as an open civilian
agency accountable to the public
the main casualty and all of this has
been the truth how could this have
perhaps NASA and his contractors and
other agencies are following a secret
policy to deny evidence for
extraterrestrial intelligence pursuant
to a  Brookings Institution report
recommending non disclosure to the
public regardless sufficient evidence
has been gathered to warrant a public
outcry to get to the truth of the matter
through the years dr. van Flandern
the Society for planetary SETI research
and I have published significant
scientific evidence for artificial
structures on Mars in the presentation
you're about to hear dr. van Flandern
will be showing you some provocative
images from the ongoing Mars Global
Surveyor mission some of the images
should not be regarded as definitive
scientific evidence but rather as
further indicators of what could turn
out to be one of the most significant
discoveries of our time the public needs
to know about the evidence being
presented and the depth of the
extraordinary collision between the old
and new paradigm no important question
has been more maligned or more control
than whether or not were alone in the
universe it's time to get to the bottom
of the story Tom

afternoon as we speak the Mars Global
Surveyor spacecraft the MGS is in orbit
around Mars and it took all of the
images that we will be showing this
afternoon the links to those images are
available on websites official websites
of NASA the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
and Mail and space science systems the
contractor that does the imaging on the
spacecraft and any of you can go to the
original sites and confirm any of these
images the no special processing was
done to the images we simply are showing
the extract of interest here in each
case unless I remarked otherwise and in
all cases I'll be showing the original
image so for the first of these no I
should stress that all of the images
we're going to look at are in the
general category of if we saw them on
earth we would conclude that they were
the activity of either humans or
large-scale biology on earth now there
are arguments why these are not normal
products of nature and certainly nothing
like them exists on any of the other
moons or planets of the solar system
that we have imaged to date the object
on the left has a T shape which is
obviously pretty rare that and and
perfect triangles are rarely seen in
nature and are not the result of normal
processes the craters on the right I'm
calling them craters in a general sense
because that's the appearance they have
but actually craters on the moon
planet surfaces are not formed by
excavation when something hits it they
are formed by an energetic explosion
when something hits it at extremely high
speeds as anything striking these bodies
must be the gravity fields guarantee a
minimum speed high enough to vaporize
completely the impacting object so the
crater is formed by explosion and
therefore defined a flat-bottomed
high-walled crater that can't happen
from an explosion likewise to have a
crater of the shape of the elongated
object there cannot happen from impact
either you can get a slightly elliptical
crater but not something with that
extreme shape the next picture is in a
different category of glassy tubes the
glassy tubes are seen in dozens of
places since we've sampled only one one
thousandth of the surface of Mars so far
at high resolution there they must be
all over the place
they are networked we've established
that it is not an optical illusion they
are really tube shaped they're not
easily explained as dunes or lava tubes
they seem to be translucent in fact in
this case that bright spot seems to be a
specular reflection of the Sun implying
that the surface must be glassy or
metallic natural surfaces don't
ordinarily give you specular reflections
this is an object one of several in this
area which if we saw them saw it on
earth we would say well that's a tree
seen from above but Mars is supposed to
be a lifeless planet yet we see the
radial structure around a central truck
trunk we can see several levels of
branching we can see shadows cast on the
ground these are clearly not on the
geologically they are above it casting
shadows downward this is one of the
images that led Arthur Clarke to say
he's  percent certain that Mars has
large life on it
this is what he means by that and this
is one of many examples of what we would
ordinarily interpret as vegetation on
the planet here's the category of
infrastructure and I showed this one out
of several because both because triangle
shapes require a special explanation and
here there's so many of them so similar
and even if those are shadows you still
have an unusual number of monoliths
large mountain lists all of the same
size and shape not only that but they
are organized not randomly placed at all
but there there are long curved arcs on
both sides there and they tend to need
to be lined up in the horizontal
direction this is a return to the our
old friend the cydonia face on Mars but
there are two new things we've learned
about it
one is that one of the arguments that
it's probably natural is that it's can
only be seen from above and yet it was
tilted at an angle and it's at no
special place on the planet however the
white line shows the old equator of Mars
prior to the large pole shift that Mars
experienced at an unknown time but
probably dated to . million years ago
and before that pole shift the face on
Mars interestingly was right on the Mars
equator and oriented upright both
indicators that it was a built object in
addition to that its three-dimensional
nature and the fact that it here we see
only half of a face and the original
discovery photos computer enhancements
of these  images such as on the left
here have brought out some detail on the
right and we can see that it's not just
half a face
that the symmetry does go all the way
around the the enclosure is there there
is a trace a hint of a second eye the
mouth going through and so on so
symmetry is another artificiality
indicator since the law of ever just
said with half a face you'd probably get
sand desert mountains reals anything but
but another half of a face in the shadow
when you could see it but at this point
we were we still had the argument facing
us that you can see faces in clouds you
can see faces in nature this would be a
rather improbable thing to see but it is
possible to be an accident of nature in
science there is a method called the AA
priori principle that allows you to
distinguish accidents from reality
it's a tests all scientists use to
establish significant statistical
significance to their results basically
it says you take your first instance of
something and make predictions from it
with the predictions of things that you
have no data at all on so far and then
the predictions distinguish hypotheses
in this case a natural origin a product
of nature or geology versus an
artificial origin a built object the
prediction in this case that it's built
is that when viewed close up there would
be secondary facial features to support
these primary ones the eye would have an
iris and eyebrows the nose would have
nostrils the mouth would be parted lips
and so on in this high-resolution photo
taken in  the face was again imaged
as we see up in this corner when that
image was released to the media on April
th  this is the image that the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory JPL released this
anyone would agree is is a very natural
looking object it does look like a pile
of rocks and make the the face look like
an accident the trouble is that it
doesn't look anything like the previous
and there's a there's an even bigger
problem for the scientists it doesn't
look like the data that came down from
the spacecraft either and that's a more
serious problem the beta the data that
this image was based on well on the JPL
website that is cited in the press ket
you can go there and you can see this
image and the actual image that it was
based on side by side and the recipe for
how JPL got from one to the other they
put the actual image through a high-pass
filter then through a low-pass filter
then they averaged the two to get this
image they claimed the justification was
removed striping from the original image
that was an artifact of the of the CCD
chip that's not a scientifically
legitimate way to remove striping
because it removes all the detail in an
image for example from Adobe Photoshop
we see this description of what a
high-pass filter does to an image
emphasizes edge details
the important thing is suppresses the
rest of the image the filter removes
low-frequency detail in an image it's
used for extracting line art and large
black and white areas from scanned
images when we go back to the actual
image the actual image was taken at a
rather oblique angle under extremely
unfavorable lighting conditions but
because we have the older images from a
different angle we can triangulate and
computers processing programs are very
good now at giving reproducing lighting
from any angle so we can use those
computer techniques with the actual data
this is done by a computer not by an
there is no introduction of new data in
this image by any artist it is just
rearranging the features you see by
computer instructions to restore a high
angle of lighting put the shadows in the
right place and to restore an overhead
view from this oblique view to one side
and here's what happens when we do that
there's the lighting restored and now we
rotate to a view from above and this is
what the
object actually looks like as best we
can tell at this point
so both the other scientific arguments
and the new view of the face certainly
have our attention with regard to
prospective artificiality of this object
but there is more in this image to the
amazement of everyone including the
scientists involved who made these
predictions we can see two nostrils at
the end of the nose we can see an iris
inside the eye socket we can see an
eyebrow feature over the eye socket we
can see that the mouth does consist of
hearted lips all of those predictions
that were made in advance to distinguish
artificial from natural were fulfilled
in favor of an artificial or built
object in this image moreover they are
fulfilled in a most interesting way
because there is no background of
similar features from which we can pick
and choose the ones that fit our
preconception of a face so when all is
said and done this operatory principle
that I mentioned allows us to calculate
the odds the calculated odds of the face
itself being found by chance only apply
to the next instance not to the one
already found that can be a face and
clouds effect however improbable it is
but the predictions that were made in
advance are referring to the next
instance and in that case we have the
prediction of these secondary facial
features their size their shape their
location and their orientation there's a
probability to each of them the fact
that each of these things were fulfilled
individually ranging with probabilities
from  in  to  and , and that
all the features showed up and that they
have the right size shape location on
orientation gives us very large combined
odds against chance and the fact that
there is no background of similar
features means that the
the calculations are statistically
significant to a scientist
the combined odds of this feature
arising as a product of nature or the
chance origin hypothesis are a thousand
billion billion to one
the artificial reality of Cydonia is
therefore established beyond a
reasonable doubt the cydonia face this
is now the second face image net not the
cydonia one this is at a another
location on Mars near the famous dark
marty marking syrtis major it's located
about a quarter way around the planet
from Cydonia the coloration is always
artists addition to the original image
shown here don't let that detract from
the original image shown on the left but
there are some of us we divide into left
and right brain groups and the left
brain groups seem to prefer the the help
of the artist and the right brain groups
kind of think that detracts so in the
case of this which is a sample of the
kinds of artistic imagery we're seeing
on Mars one of many it is really the
interrelationships and the context which
establish our official 'ti nonetheless
the fact that we have a second
impressive face on the planet and
probably indications of a few more - not
quite so impressive tell us again that
those a priori odds that do apply to the
second and third instances that these
are statistically significant and
telling us that the planet is art has
artificiality artificial structures on
it and that these are not repeated
instances of freakish chances of nature
now this is the last of the sample
images I'll show it's in three parts
this is the bottom of the same image
that was taken in  that showed the
face at the top we saw that in set off
to the right
the first slide showing the face so
quite near the faith face at Cydonia
near the bottom with the dnm pyramid
that we have a model of on the table
just off screen to the left here we have
a bright v-shaped feature down in this
area so just concentrate on the bright
feature in that area and notice that
just above it is a darkness that we
that's not otherwise resolved just above
the the bright V right in here and a
little more above and to the left of it
when we magnify that area without any
impressing or alteration what we see is
here's the bright v-shaped feature just
magnified the whole area and adjusted
the brightness and contrast to eye level
again and the dark mark markings here
are a little more distinct now and some
of you you already begin to see that the
dark markings are not random but seemed
to form familiar looking shapes somewhat
like symbols some of you will not see
that while I was showing this very
picture at a presentation not unlike
this someone behind me was videotaping
this and I noticed when I turned around
that the whole room had clustered behind
the video camera looking at the little
viewfinder of the video camera instead
of looking at the original on the screen
and the reason was because the video
camera automatically applied a noise
filter to get of any get rid of any
random noise in the background of the
image and that gave me a tip that that
would be an interesting thing to do with
this image so I said to the computer
again this is to a computer not to an
artist I said just take this whole image
I'm not telling the computer anything
about what's in this image or what the
target is I just said apply a noise
filter to this image
and when we did that we got this result
and now we can see a little more clearly
because the background has faded away
that we are dealing with things that
look like strings of symbols with a
larger one at the left end very
reminiscent of the way we use language
symbols now I although some of these
look Romanesque I don't think it would
be appropriate to to say that there are
Roman characters on Mars because the
many of the symbols are not recognizable
to us like this one at the end of the
string here we see other instances of
reverse peas and ours and other places
that are like symbols and other
alphabets but not Roman I think the
answer here is there's just a very
limited number of symbols you can make
out of a few lines and curves and that
any symbolic alphabet if that's what it
would have necessarily familiar
characters in it the only thing to add
here is that these in this particular
image because it contained the face on
it it was downloaded from the spacecraft
two computers at mail and space science
systems under the watchful eye of
reporters and while still in the
computer the format was changed to an
Internet appropriate format and it was
uploaded to the Internet within
minutes of receipt without ever existing
outside the computer and at that point
thousands of people including myself
downloaded the image from the internet
where it still sits today so the point
is that with something like this since
if those are on Mars and they are not an
accident of nature the odds against that
being enormous then we are dealing with
again symbols of intelligence so the
question arises did somebody
accidentally or deliberately write those
on into a photograph at JPL or mail and
space science systems that wasn't
possible in this case so
our conclusion to this section of the
discussion is that the consequences of a
claim that something is true are
entirely irrelevant to the issue or
whether or not the claim is true and
with that I'll throw the the discussion
open to questions and be guided by your
questions as to well what avenues we
want to follow up thank you

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