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A Successful Start To The School Year

2015-09-07 09:05:37 | 日記
Waking and rubbing my eyes, I could feel the excitement building in my tummy. It was the first day of fourth grade! I looked and saw the new purple outfit I was going to wear hanging on my closet door. I thought about seeing my best friend Carol as we walked together to school. Then it dawned on me… school meant tests, homework, and getting teased by the other kids if I said the wrong thing in class. I let out a deep sigh as I threw the fluffy blankets up over my head and hoped that Mom wouldn’t notice if I didn’t come down for breakfast.

As your children go back to school they may be experiencing a similar mix of enthusiasm and dread. How can you prepare them for the most successful school year possible? Think about the ways that you can support them daily. As a former teacher and school administrator, I would suggest that you become as involved as possible in your child’s experience. Be sure to stop short of doing everything for them. Let them experience the challenges and joys of learning. This article provides some tips to guide your child towards a good school year.

Homework and Studying

Encourage your child to have a set routine for completing homework. Some experts would suggest a specific way to set up the quiet room with a desk, chair and good lighting. I am more comfortable stating that you should see how your child works best. A number of today’s kids prefer a little background music while they curl up on the couch with their laptop. The important thing is that your child completes the homework correctly and feels comfortable coming to you for guidance when they need it.

When your child is studying for a test, sit down with the textbook and show them how they can turn most of the headings into questions. Explain that the questions and answers for tests are often right there. For example, if the heading states “Plants Have Parts”, they can turn this into the question, “What are the parts of the plant?” The paragraphs and pictures that follow supply them with the answer.

Classroom Discussions and Activities

While you can’t be there walking your child through the day, the way that you interact in public places and at home can have a direct effect on their ability to communicate in class. Engage your child in discussion as often as possible. Ask higher level questions at home. In the education world, we rely on a theorist named Benjamin Bloom who wrote a classification that categorizes questions and objectives for learning according to levels of thinking. At the most basic level is “knowledge” which requires the learner to simply define or name something. For instance, at the dinner table you may ask your child, “What is your favorite food?” At the highest level is “evaluation” which means that the student can defend, rate, predict, or assess. In order to take your discussions to this level with your child you could ask, “That salsa has little pieces of jalapeño peppers which are quite hot, what are some hot foods that you like?” When your child responds you could encourage further thinking on the subject asking if they feel that they will like the salsa and why. They could then test their hypothesis and explain to the table why they did or did not like the salsa on chips. Some parents speak to their children like this naturally; others need to think through the process a bit more to make sure that they are getting the most out of their daily discussions. When I was a teacher, I was not surprised to see that often the way my students communicated in the classroom was extremely similar to the way they were talked to by their parents.

First Day

Send your child off on the first day of school with a healthy breakfast, a smile on your face, and the knowledge that you are doing your best to help them have a successful school year!

Dr. Shellie Hipsky is a Professor of Education at Robert Morris University. Her latest book "Mentoring Magic: Pick the Card for Your Success" is a powerful tool for students around the globe to network and find, form, and sustain a mentoring relationship. Please visit http://mentoringmagic.netMicrosoft Error,Window Xp Updates,Windows Error 0x80200001,Windows Update Error 80070663,Windows Update Page
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