The Retro Freak, CE version for the Eur. and USA market

It is produced by 10 factories parts by parts.

magnetic fidget moondrop fidget pad firstsinganndy gmail com

2017-06-20 16:49:00 | 日記
magnetic fidget moondrop fidget pad firstsinganndy gmail com

Finger spinner and fidget cubes normal types, metal types, LED types, fidget

pad, magnetic orbiter fidget toy, moondrop desk toy, square box spinner, etc.,

we have more than 100 kinds of new models at the best price in the world.

PS4 ADP-200ER Power supply original new 200pcs in stock, usd20/pc or so see

order quantity.

XBOX ONE original new headset, usd6/pc or so see order quantity
XBOX ONE original new power adapter 110v with cable, usd15.5/pc or so;
XBOX ONE original new dvd drive usd13.5/pc or so;

Type C multiple converter to DC 5V, SD card, Type C, Lan, USB3.0*3, HDMI, Type C

power, our unique product, OEM, ODM orders wellcomed.

Best wishes,
Anndy Japanese office and Chinese office, more than 1000 kinds of

hot selling products; mainly for repair parts; mainly for our UNIQUE products; for the video game world KING

Firstsinganndy gmail com
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