They mistakenly believe that its low technical content

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They mistakenly believe that its low technical content, not worth doing too much investment, this often leads to damage to the other expensive parts in the car. Compared with the carburetor car EFI cars cleaner and more fuel, because even tiny impurities will wear EFI system precision parts. When the engine stalled, the reflux suppression valve machine filter can prevent dry, and re-ignition, the immediate pressure, the supply of oil lubricating the engine.
Quality machine filter seals the special synthetic rubber that can guarantee 100% no leakage.

General automobile manufacturers suggested passenger cars to be replaced once a year, once every six months of the commercial vehicle replacement.
Fuel filter, the filter paper cable and screw two. EFI cars need special fuel filter, filter fuel impurities, to prevent them from entering the injection valve and cold start valve. will enter the air, oil and gasoline engines, resulting in premature wear of the related components. Air flow, the filter paper have a special request, while against the airflow, but also to ensure strong filtering capacity and longer service life.
Is generally recommended for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, machine filter replaced every six months. Car every burning 1L of gasoline is necessary to inhale 9000L air, the air filter at the same time meet the air inhaled, but also filter out the tiniest particles of impurities, to protect the engine.
The requirements of the machine filter on the filter paper higher than the air filter, because the oil temperature range, usually ranging from 0 to 300 C, in a dramatic sudden changes in temperature, the concentration of oil will change, which will impact on the oil filter. According to the Bosch company in Europe, an output power of 180KW bus, 3000km ride quality empty filtration filter out impurities and weighs .
Many owners neglect the importance of the filter in the automotive maintenance.

Oil Filter
The main role of the machine filter is clean engine oil, oil is the various components in order to minimize the friction generated during operation to reduce energy loss and component wear, machine filter to remove dust, oil, metal particles, carbon precipitation matter and soot particles and other impurities in order to protect the engine.

Air Filter
The air filter to purify air, reduce noise and save fuel. Line filter inside the folded filter paper, plastic or metal filters at both ends connected to the fuel outflow from the filter outer wall through layers of filter paper to reach the center.

Fuel filter
Commonly known as steam filter, as its name suggests its main role is to clean the fuel. Wire spiral filter paper is wrapped in a central tube, direct fuel flow through filter paper, the impurity particles are stuck in the filter tank, the better performance of this fuel filter, mainly for high-grade multiplication, with the car. The external harmful substances such as dust, etc. High quality air filter can effectively reduce the engine noise of the air inhaled, and can save 10% fuel.5KG. Quality of the air filter is filled with synthetic resin microfiber paper, that is precisely designed to filter impurities and has a strong build sewage capacity. When the external temperature is reduced to a particular value or machine filter beyond the normal period of use, the relief valve will open under special pressure to allow unfiltered oil to flow directly into the engine, although this time the oil impurities will enter engine, filter plates but the wear and tear than the engine no oil is much smaller, so the relief valve is in urgent circumstances to protect the engine. Therefore, it's necessary to select the high quality filters. The quality of the machine filter paper under the drastic temperature changes, while effective filter impurities but also to ensure adequate flow. The fuel filter fuel injection system components, only the original equipment or beyond matching the quality of the fuel filter in order to meet the requirements of the EFI system, allowing the engine to achieve optimal performance, and provide the best protection for the engine.
The quality of the filter paper is the most critical in the air filter.
In addition, the air filter must be installed in very forbidden solid, high-quality air filter seal with polyurethane composition, in order to improve the plasticity of the seal and effective to prevent the air filter is listed in the small gap.In addition, high-quality filter machines equipped with reflux inhibition valves.

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