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Neymar signed a contract with Barcelona until 2021

2016-10-19 10:45:27 | news
Barcelona officially announced the renewal of the contract with Neymar to the summer of 2021, FUT Coins the daily sports news, news, Neymar contract after the annual salary will reach 16 million euros, second only to teammate Messi.
Complete the contract after Neymar also very excited, in an interview with Fawkes sports, Neymar bluntly to win a Champions League trophy for Barcelona: "I've got a Champions League, but I was very anxious to win once. When you lift the Champions League trophy, and won't believe my goal has been reached, you will think again to win a championship, because the feeling is really wonderful." Neymar said: "if you look at those who have been in the club for a long time the players after they win a championship will towards the next Championship effort that is what I want to reach here, I hope to be here to create my history"
For Aaron Messi, fifa 17 points,Neymar said: "now Messi seemed to get rid of injuries, he has found the best state of their own"
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