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The next king: Neymar

2016-10-31 10:46:32 | news
British Daily Mail Kieran Gil article: Neymar is ignored. fifa 17 coins He is the golden pass master level
The Valencia team to build a wall between the ball and the goal, only to give the ball to Suarez at the foot of the way, is kicked out of extreme creativity and ingenuity of.10 players in 9 did not think so, not to mention the practice, but Neymar has done this with the outside instep. Neymar is one of the many masterpieces, the Villarreal, is also outside the instep, as well as on the heels of Real Madrid attack Iniesta, Bettis gave Suarez a pass, the ball too God, even caused controversy, for Neymar is not intentional. Neymar's football, has already begun to reach the acme of perfection taste. It is worth noting that every year Neymar became stronger.
Without Messi, Neymar's goals, buy fifa 17 coins assists, create opportunities, the shot is the number of times more, dribble past,. There is no doubt, Neymar to take the ball, even faster than you can imagine.
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