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FIFA17 free kick score: Pirlo topped Messi is the sixth

2016-09-18 13:46:23 | news
Recently, EA announced the FIFA17 kick capacity value of the top ten players announced, fifa 17 ps4 coins is now the U.S. major league New York city to play Pirlo beyond Qiaerhan Oulu, became the first free kick master FIFA17.
Although it was already 37 years old, fifa 16 ps4 coins but EA is still on Pirlo's free kick Kung Fu favor, undeniably, Pirlo has a very deep attainment in the free kick, but compared to other players in the top ten, Pirlo has a little has been questioned. It is in this year's American League game, Pirlo is not a free kick to break through the opponent's door. Barcelona ace Messi compared to last year, down one, ranked sixth on the list, but last season, Messi in all competitions scored 9 free kick, a new record of Xidan Mei season free kick number, it is worth noting that, in FIFA16, the free kick ability C Ronaldo not to be discharged into the top 10
In addition, buy fifa 17 ps4 coins the list also saw the Asian figure, that is, from Japan's 38-year-old legend star Shunsuke Nakamura, he ranked ninth in this list.
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